Compulsory Insurance

All students in Germany must have health insurance. There are public and private health insurance companies. They must provide basic health protection. The fees for students are different and depend on additional costs of the respective health insurance company. They are of approx. € 90 per month.

Prices and services vary much more between the several private health insurance companies, ensure to check in advance before negotiating. Attention: Once you have private health insurance protection as a student you cannot change to the public system any more while studying.

Special regulations:

  • If you have reached the age of 30 and still enrolled as a student or if your semester you are in is higher than the 14th, you cannot get student health insurance protection.
  • PhD students cannot get health insurance to students' prices either. What is more, they are allowed to enter to the Public Health Insurance System only when having a working contract and earning more than €450 per month.
  • Special reguations apply as well when having health insurance protection through your parents or marriage partner.

Special Information for Foreign Students

International studenst must provide health insurance protection for obtaining visa or residence permit. You may not register without it. Please, purchase health insurance shortly after your arrival in Hannover. Germany has insurance agreements with all EU countries ("Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte") and with Turkey and Tunesia. Insurance policies (insurance card) from these countries are accepted in Germany. Students can keep their own insurance and are not obligated to pay any insurance fees in Germany.

Generally, students who are attending a DSH preparatory course or a pre-degree course (Studienkolleg) need to prove that they have a private medical insurance.

There are many different medical insurance providers for international students. You should check in advance if these insurances are sufficient for your stay  (many international travel insurances from foreign countries do not meet the requirements!).

Public Health Insurance Companies (examples)


All students and PhD students are insured by the Leibniz Universität for accidents happening during classes or on the way to or from classes. Also, if you have an accident on campus, in the library or during an excursion you are covered by university insurance.

If you are outside university for an intern e.g. or simply in your free time, the accident insurance protection of university will not apply. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a private accident insurance on your own.


If you hurt somebody else or damage somebod else's property you are responsible for all costs which can sometimes be very high. Therefore, it is advisable to get private liability insurance (Haftpflicht Versicherung). However, it is a good idea to inform yourself about your liability insurance in your home country to see if you are covered during your stay in Germany. If you find that you are not covered in your home country, you can get private liability insurance in Hannover.

You will find information of Insurance Companies in Hannover at "Gelbe Seiten" (Yellow Pages), section "Versicherungen".