Eastern Partnerships

Eastern Europe is one of the key regions of LUH's internationalisation strategy, which is characterised by long-standing and strong collaborations with universities in Russia as well as new, innovative and research-intensive partnerships with Ukraine. Within the framework of the project, existing comprehensive cooperation in research and teaching with strategically selected partner universities in St. Petersburg, Samara and Kharkiv will be consolidated and expanded in a sustainable manner, while developing thematic networks.

Project Objectives

The set project objectives are based on the internationalisation strategy of Leibniz University Hannover, its mission statement and its fundamental principles, which attach great importance to internationality, an international environment for research, teaching and learning, as well as strategic collaborations in key regions. They aim to consolidate existing partnerships and initiate new ones, while maintaining comprehensive collaborations in teaching and research with the region as well as strengthening teaching conditions of the involved universities in the long term. The objectives include the following:

  • 1. Consolidating existing and initiating new partnerships between German universities and universities in the target region:

    1.1. Increasing the international visibility of LUH and enhancing its profile through increased and strategically oriented cooperation in research and teaching with partner universities in Eastern Europe

    1.2. Further strengthening of the strategic partnership with SPbPU and expansion of thematic key partnerships in St. Petersburg and Samara in Russia and Kharkiv in Ukraine

    1.3. Establishing transnational collaborations with mutual strategic and thematic partners as well as with non-university research institutions, thereby promoting networking and knowledge transfer

  • 2. Comprehensive cooperation in teaching and research:

    2.1. Expanding cooperation within the involved universities, establishing thematic networks, as well as creating a broader field of action (exchange of students, doctoral candidates, researchers and administrators; joint courses, study programmes, double degrees, research collaborations)

    2.2. Promoting young researchers

    2.3. Strengthening each other's research by merging the respective strengths in experimental equipment (laboratories) and theoretical knowledge, in reference to LUH's guiding principle "Theoria cum Praxi"

    2.4. Promoting intensive exchange, innovation, interdisciplinarity and integration of Russian and Ukrainian partner universities into the European Research Area

  • 3. Strengthening teaching conditions at the involved universities in a sustainable manner:

    3.1. Strengthening the education of students and doctoral candidates at the partner universities through practice and application-oriented courses

    3.2. Developing and implementing courses in face-to-face and digital formats, establishing new methods in online teaching and blended learning, as well as integrating these courses and formats into the curriculum of the involved universities

    3.3. Planning, developing and establishing virtual laboratory exercises (initially in the field of biomedical engineering)

    3.4. Adapting training in order to meet the requirements of the global labour market

Involved Partner Universities

Through the project and intensive cooperation with the following partner universities, internationalisation processes that have already begun will be expanded, existing relationships will be strengthened and innovative collaborative projects in research and teaching will be continued:


The planned measures combine established and proven activities, such as exchange of students, doctoral candidates and researchers, with innovative ideas and projects including the development of virtual laboratory exercises and interactive online courses. The comprehensive measures are coordinated in such a way that they interact well with each other. Thus, the planned exchange of researchers in both directions is an important foundation for expanding collaborations. Strategy and coordination meetings, workshops and seminars, visiting lectureships and guest lecture series are vital for transferring knowledge, joint research and the teaching based on it. At the same time, participation of students and doctoral candidates is indispensable for developing a sustainable partnership. For this reason, mobility in both directions for study and research purposes and participation in joint summer schools is a focal point of the project. Workshops and networking events round off the project.



The International Office awards DAAD-funded scholarships to students and doctoral candidates at Leibniz University Hannover to promote study-related periods abroad at the partner universities in St Petersburg and Samara in Russia and Kharkiv in Ukraine. The maximum funding period is six months. Advertisement and payment of funding is subject to the DAAD’s approval.

Reports of the scholarship holders:

Summer term 2021

Winter term 2021/22

Winter term 2021/22

  • Who can apply?

    Students and doctoral candidates of all disciplines enrolled at LUH. Scholarship holders who have been awarded funding within the scope of this programme are not eligible to receive another DAAD scholarship (e.g. PROMOS, individual scholarships awarded by the DAAD, etc.). This also applies to “Deutschlandstipendium” scholarships. Eligible candidates may not be in receipt of funding from another public or private source; otherwise, the amount will be deducted in full.

  • What activities are eligible for funding?

    LUH students and doctoral candidates intending to travel to partner universities:
    Travel grants of up to 425 euros (Russia) and 700 euros (Ukraine)

    The grant covers expenses for visas, health insurance, vaccinations and luggage Deadlines:
    15 February for upcoming periods abroad taking place in the current year
    15 June for upcoming periods abroad taking place in the current year
    15 November for periods abroad in the following year or later

    *  Applications for short-term stays are possible in justified exceptional cases and upon prior consultation. Scholarships are awarded in accordance with the guidelines for "Leibniz PROMOS Scholarships".

  • Application documents
    • Printout of the online application provided by Leibniz University Hannover (signed by a faculty coordinator)
    • Application for a DAAD scholarship within the scope of the programme "Ostpartnerschaften"
    • Letter of reference / review issued by a university lecturer
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Letter of motivation indicating reasons for the proposed period abroad
    • Proof of language proficiency in the language of instruction
    • Transcript of marks indicating the average mark (available at the Examinations Office) or similar proof of completed course units, interim results (if applicable)


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