Dealing with the National Socialist Era

As the successor of Hannover College of Technology, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover emphasises that it condemns all National Socialist-related impairments caused by university bodies at the College from 1933 and classifies them as unjust acts from the outset.“
Unanimous resolution adopted by the University Council, the Senate and the Presidential Executive Committee on 12 June 2012


Leibniz University Hannover is currently comprehensively dealing with the role played by its predecessor institution during the National Socialist era. A Working Group of the Senate set up in 2011 has produced its first results on the awarding and revocation of academic titles during the National Socialist era at the then Hannover Institute of Technology. The issues explored are the impairments that occurred between 1933 and 1945 at Hannover Institute of Technology for ideological reasons, i.e. impairments concerning academic positions, degrees and honours based on the Nazi ideology of political, "racial" or other forms of discrimination. In a second work package, the Working Group will also examine and deal with privileges accorded at the time. By taking this action, Leibniz University Hannover professes its commitment to dealing as comprehensively as possible with the darkest chapter in its history in the years of Nazi tyranny, in compliance with the moral and ethical objectives of its mission statement and its position in the democratic constitutional state and rule of law – also deeply regretting that all rehabilitative measures come too late for those directly concerned, but in the hope that their lasting personal reputation can bring deliverance in the eyes of the university public and for general posterity.