Compliance refers to the observance of legal regulations and institutional guidelines.

In this respect, Leibniz University Hannover has, among other things, set out guidelines for responsible research. In July 2016, the university senate established the Commission for Responsibility in Research, in which all groups of members of the university are represented. It provides scientists and scholars with assistance by assessing and advising on the consequences of research, as well as on controllability and prevention of the harmful use of research and its results. The Commission for Responsibility in Research thus complements the activities of the Central Ethics Commission of Leibniz University Hannover, which deals specifically with the ethical and legal aspects of human research.

Leibniz University Hannover places great importance on adherence to the rules of good scientific practice and maintenance of high scientific standards in research and has therefore established guidelines for this.

Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Other measures that support compliance management at Leibniz University Hannover include  structured, transparent administrative processes in procurement procedures and internal auditing as a supervisory body.