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Examination registration and withdrawal


Registration must occur via the Examination Office within the registration period (see Key Dates).

Students must register online.

Withdrawal / absence from examinations due to illness

If an exam candidate fails to attend an examination without valid reason (such as illness) or withdraws from the examination after commencing the examination, the assessment will be evaluated as “insufficient” ("nicht ausreichend").

Valid reasons for withdrawal or absence from examinations must be substantiated and promptly submitted to the Examination Board; otherwise this shall result in evaluation of the affected assessment as "insufficient" ("nicht ausreichend"). Termination of enrolment and leave of absence as such are not accepted as valid reasons.


 Withdrawal within the withdrawal deadline

Withdrawal from a written or oral examination is permitted until commencement of the examination. In the event of withdrawal, the examiner must always be informed.

Withdrawal from an examination in the form of a written term paper is permitted until assignment of the topic by the examiner.


Absence from examinations due to illness

In the event of illness, a doctor’s certificate must be provided. If the hindrance is not apparent, the student must provide a detailed report by a medical specialist (“fachärztliches Attest”) or medical officer (“amtsärztliches Attest”). If the reasons are valid, the assessment shall be deemed as not taken. The assessment shall be taken at the earliest possible date.