Study Buddy Evaluation Form International

Dear students,

Thank you for participating in the study buddy programme! We hope you had a great time, full of new experiences, new friends and a lot of fun.
In order to continuously improve the programme, to solve problems and to implement your suggestions and wishes effectively, we ask you to complete the following questionnair.  The questions listed below should be answered honestly.

Persönliche Informationen / Personal information
Teilnahme in folgendem Semester / Participation in the following semester*
Kontakt mit Deinem Buddy / Contact with you Buddy
Warst du mit deinem Buddy zufrieden? / Were you happy with you Buddy?*
Wobei konnte dich dein Buddy unterstützen? / How could your Buddy support you?*
Aktivitäten / Acitivities
Gab es genug gemeinsame Aktivitäten NUR für internationale Buddies? / Were there enough common activities ONLY for international buddies?*
Gab es genug gemeinsame Aktivitäten mit den lokalen Buddies? / Were there enough common activities with the local buddies?*
Welche Veranstaltungen sollen beibehalten werden? / Which events should be retained?*
Sonstiges / Other
Datenschutzinformation / Data protection information
Zustimmung / Consent
Datenschutzinformation nach DSGVO
Evaluation abschicken / Send evaluation