Language Skills

For students going abroad, proof of language proficiency in the local language  and/or language of instruction is typically a prerequisite for enrollment at a university abroad as well as for many scholarship applications. These language skills are necessary to follow university courses and to navigate daily life.

Language courses at Leibniz University

It is strongly advised to begin learning the target language as soon as possible. The Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) at Leibniz University offers a variety of courses that will enable students to do so.


LUH is a UNIcert accredited institution. UNIcert® has been an internationally protected trademark in the field of education since 1992 under the auspices of the Working Group of Language Centres (AKS) and designates an task-based, university-related training and certification system for foreign languages at German universities.

UNIcert® enables cross-institutional language training through the mutual guaranteed recognition of certificates among accredited universities. Here, language training is inseparably linked to the certification of language skills. Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) currently offers students of Leibniz University Hannover UNIcert® training and certification in 11 foreign languages and at a total of 22 levels. The selection of these languages is aligned with the focus regions of Leibniz University Hannover. 

Externally offered language courses

As an alternative, courses offered by the local Volkshochschule are also a good option. Please find further information on language courses and schools here:

Language Learning Apps

Furthermore, it is possible to begin acquiring language skills via language learning apps. Proof of Proficiency must still be issued by a recognized provider, however, learning via app can be a lot more flexible.

Language Proficiency Certificates


For an application for a scholarship, e.g. at the German Academic Foreign Service (DAAD), proof of proficiency is required. Oftentimes, a DAAD Language Certificate is sufficient. The Certificate is available at the Leibniz Language Centre (LLC). 


The most widely known English language test is TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language). This test is often required for studying abroad in the USA. Most other English speaking universities also accept this as proof of proficiency.

The TOEFL®-Test can be taken at LUH. TOEFL® will examine skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

All further information on the TOEFL®-Test, including information an costs and registering for a test can be found here:

ETS has also expanded its TOEFL preparation program. Leibniz Language Center (LLC) also offers test takers, or those who have registered in the portal, the so-called TestReady. You can find more information here 

ETS Announces TOEFL® TestReady™.

Other Language Certificates

Which Language Certificate is needed for a study period abroad can vary. Information can usually be found on the respective university's website or you can inquire with the regional coordinator at the International Office.