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Sport im Masterstudiengang Lehramt an Gymnasien

Sports as subject in the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools

A class sits in a row in a gym and watches three classmates.
Course type
Postgraduate studies (Master)
Standard Course Duration
4 semesters
Course Start
Summer semester, Winter semester
Primary Language of Instruction
Unrestricted admission

Short Description

The subject Sports is offered as one of two subjects within the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools.

The general study objective is to acquire thorough specialist knowledge and to continue producing academic work using the methods involved in the subject. Relevance to schooling plays a key role. After completing this degree programme, students should be able to work with all (heterogeneous) learning groups in the school-based setting at grammar schools or comprehensive schools. Completion of the Bachelor’s examination is the requirement for admission to the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools.

Students who complete the degree programme have a differentiated understanding of teaching methodological issues and problems. In the process, great emphasis is placed on knowledge and insight into sports science, teaching methodology and education as well as practical sports skills and abilities. The competencies gained by students include knowledge from the areas of physical education, social sciences and the natural sciences. During the study they gain skills and abilities in a wide range of disciplines relating to the teaching and methods of sports.

Further information on the website of the Institute of Sports Science (German language only)

Areas of Focus

  • In-depth sports theory in the humanities and natural sciences
  • Courses combining theory and practice (team games, racket and net sports, individual sports, other sporting disciplines)
  • Practical training
Course Content

The course sequence offers students a wide range of compulsory elective options that is so diverse that it cannot be illustrated by a specific example. A sample study plan is available to help students plan their course sequence:

Recommended Abilities
  • An interest in dealing with young people and adolescents
  • An interest in sports science issues in the natural sciences and humanities
  • Basic practical sports skills and abilities
Career Opportunities
  • A school career
  • Possibly also non-school-based areas of activity in sports associations, health insurance companies, health care establishments or open youth work and social work

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Zentrale Studienberatung
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