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Message from university management to LUH employees

Message from university management to LUH employees

Continuation of on-campus learning from 10 January 2022

Dear colleagues,

Best wishes for the New Year! The coronavirus pandemic remains a central issue for us in 2022. As announced in December, I would like to provide some information on the further course of action regarding teaching and learning at Leibniz University Hannover after the Christmas break ends on 10 January.

Continuation of on-campus learning

Leibniz University Hannover is one of few universities in Germany that have successfully maintained on-campus learning until the Christmas break; based on very good hygiene measures and an equal level of cooperation from students, teaching staff and employees. Following intense discussions with the Ministry of Science and Culture, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee have assessed the current situation, deciding that on-campus learning at LUH will be maintained until the end of the lecture period in the winter semester, until 29 January. Under strict compliance with hygiene measures, study areas will remain open. I would like to point out that our measures are still based on the alert level indicators implemented at the end of last year. According to these indicators, a level 1 alert would apply at the present time. The current level 3 alert decreed until 15 January is based on a decision of the state government unrelated to current incidence numbers or the hospitalisation rate.

I would like to emphasise that the situation may still develop dynamically. Therefore, members of teaching staff are urged to continue using the possibilities of online learning, such as streaming, hybrid formats and recorded lectures from previous semesters in addition to on-campus learning, or other alternative formats. However, I would also like to ask you to forgo synchronous online learning formats in the last weeks of the semester, since changing between face-to-face and online sessions (and vice versa) during the lecture period is not feasible for students.

Upholding the 3G rule and more sever face mask requirements

The 3G rule continues to apply for anyone accessing LUH buildings. As before, compliance among students will be monitored at the entrances; supervisors will check compliance among members of staff. From 10 January, there will be more severe face mask requirements; wearing FFP2 masks will be mandatory. Upon request, required FFP2 masks for members of staff will be provided by LUH.

Examination period

For the upcoming examination period, LUH has made arrangements for holding examinations in person. The 3G rule applies in the context of examinations. All students and members of staff present during examinations must wear FFP2 masks. Further details regarding examinations (e.g. access monitoring) will be provided as soon as possible.

Please regularly check our FAQ section on the coronavirus pandemic for relevant regulations at www.uni-hannover.de/corona.

Vaccination opportunities

Leibniz University Hannover will once again offer vaccination opportunities for students and members of staff (first, second and booster doses). Vaccinations without prior registration will be available on 19 and 25 January in the main university building (room A 320) between 10.00 and 17.00. Further details (such as required documents) will be available on our website and in the staff portal from Tuesday.

I hope that the information above provides an overview on measures to be implemented in the weeks ahead. The development of the pandemic, in particular due the Omicron variant, remains dynamic. Thus, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee will regularly discuss necessary changes to these provisions with the state government. I am confident that we will cope with this phase of the pandemic successfully!

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Volker Epping
President of Leibniz University Hannover