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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an die Beschäftigten der LUH

Message from university management to LUH employees

On-campus examinations at LUH

Dear colleagues,

In light of the upcoming examination phase and several changes in the regulations to prevent the infection and spread of the coronavirus issued by the state of Lower Saxony, I would like to provide some information on the further course of action.

As announced in the news, a winter break applies in the state of Lower Saxony until 2 February. Associated measures correspond to those of a level 3 alert, which applies in the Hannover region due to the current incidence rate.

The Presidential Board has assessed all aspects very carefully and has decided to follow our current path for the last week of lectures. This means that the last week of lectures will take place on campus.

Testing requirements before examinations

Testing requirements apply for all on-campus examinations; therefore, all students must be tested in an official test centre before sitting examinations, irrespective of their vaccination or recovery status. The test must have been conducted no later than 24 hours before the end of the examination. Self-tests are not sufficient. Proof of testing will be checked by members of staff in charge of examinations at the entrance of the lecture hall. This way, university management increases the level of safety for all those involved so that only students able to proof that they do not suffer from COVID-19 at the time can sit examinations.

Additional information for members of teaching staff will be provided shortly (updated guidelines for on-campus examinations). I would like to ask all examiners and all members of staff present during examinations to demonstrate solidarity with students by taking a test before examinations.

3G rule and LUH access wristbands

Access to the university is still restricted to those complying with the 3G rule.

Due to the new provisions issued by the state of Lower Saxony, validity of the access wristbands will expire at the end of the lecture period, on 30 January 2022. We have taken immediate action by procuring new access wristbands. We will announce as soon as possible when the new wristbands with a different colour will be available so that you can provide proof of vaccination more easily. Until then, proof of compliance with the 3G rule can only be provided via valid proof of vaccination, recovery or testing. Members of staff may still access the university by presenting their employee ID card. As before, proof of compliance will be monitored by their supervisor.

Please note that in particular those vaccinated with a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are no longer considered as fully vaccinated and that the recovery status already expires after three months.

Due to these new regulations, supervisors must monitor the validity of the 3G status, in particular the recovery and vaccination status, and must keep written records of monitoring, as before. In compliance with the regulations to prevent the infection and spread of the coronavirus issued by the state of Lower Saxony, I would like to ask you to present proof of vaccination or recovery to your supervisor without having been asked. If you fail to present adequate proof, a valid test result must be provided to your supervisor on a daily basis and without having been asked.

In case of any queries, please use our corona hotline at

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Volker Epping