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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an Studierende und Beschäftigte der LUH

Message from university management to LUH students and employees

New COVID-19 regulations – summer semester 2022

Dear students and colleagues,

Today, I would like to provide some information on corona regulations over the summer semester at Leibniz University Hannover.

Both across Germany and Lower Saxony, the number of infections fortunately continues to decrease, while good weather, the percentage of vaccinated people and overcome COVID-19 infections provide a certain amount of normalisation, which we all eagerly anticipated for the summer.

Therefore, universities in Lower Saxony have discussed whether and which additional regulations can be relaxed in everyday university life. Following intense discussions and after careful consideration, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee of Leibniz University Hannover have decided to implement the following changes from 5 June 2022:

  • Proof of compliance with the 3G rule:
    Entering LUH is still only permitted upon compliance with the 3G rule.
    Even though this is no longer monitored, I would like to emphasise that this remains mandatory.

  • Monitoring the 3G status in the context of events of a public nature or with external guests (e.g. receptions, conferences, readings etc.):
    Responsibility for confirming the 3G status lies with the organiser of the event. It is up to the organiser to decide whether compliance with the 3G rule is monitored or not.

  • Face mask requirements at LUH:
    FFP2 masks or other face masks are no longer required at LUH. This concerns all university areas including traffic areas, study areas and lectures/courses.

I would like to urge all university members to act responsibly and demonstrate solidarity in this context. It is still vital to protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask, especially during lectures/courses with many participants. Please consider fellow students and colleagues with pre-existing health conditions, if you are aware of them. Please demonstrate solidarity with people in your environment and ensure that everyone feels equally comfortable at our university.

I am aware that the decision to relax face mask requirements will result in controversial feedback. Please rest assured that the Presidential Board and the emergency committee did not make this decision lightly. There is no universally right answer to the current situation. However, we must strive to re-evaluate the situation regularly and assess which restrictions are still reasonable for all those involved, which situations require regulation and when university members should decide what is in their best interest. We should focus on finding a course of action to cope with the virus appropriately while allowing as much normality as possible.

Naturally, we will continue to assess the situation carefully and change or reverse decisions if necessary.

All the best for the summer semester!

I would also like to take this opportunity to promote our summer event in the Welfengarten, which will take place again this year. All students and university members are welcome to join the festivities on 14 July from 16.00 behind the main university building – in order to enjoy food, drinks, personal exchange and numerous activities!

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Volker Epping