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Information for Russian citizens concerning your studies at LUH

Information for Russian citizens concerning your studies at LUH

Dear Russian students,

At the moment, a lot of information circulates on social media concerning your stay in Germany as Russian citizens, as well as your stay at Leibniz University Hannover. Much of this information is NOT true. For this reason, the International Office would like to provide the following information:

It is true that Germany suspends its relations with Russia. However, these restrictions do NOT apply for Russian citizens staying in Germany with a German residence permit.

This means:

  • LUH students cannot apply for a semester abroad in Russia at the moment.
  • LUH students already staying in Russia in the context of a semester abroad may choose whether they wish to stay in Russia and complete their semester abroad or if they prefer returning to Germany.
  • Russian students currently completing a preparatory course ("Studienkolleg") or Russian students who have already commenced their studies at LUH (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies) may continue their studies as usual. Enrolment will NOT be terminated due to their nationality.
  • Russian students staying in Germany and wishing to pursue postgraduate studies at LUH may apply as usual and will not experience any disadvantages due to their nationality. In particular, this means:
    • Preparatory course participants may apply for bachelor''s degree programmes at LUH.
    • Students enrolled in bachelor''s degree programmes may apply for master''s degree programmes at LUH.
    • Students enrolled in master''s degree programmes may apply for doctoral studies at LUH.


With regard to your stay in Hannover, this means:

  • Russian citizens will not be expelled from Germany and will be able to apply for a residence permit at the foreigners'' authority as usual.
  • If you are in receipt of a DAAD grant (“Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst”), payment of the grant will continue as scheduled.


Please do not hesitate to contact the International Office with any queries, concerns or difficulties.

Contact person for students:

Ludolf von Dassel
+49 511 762 3964


Contact person for researchers:

Manuela Schimmels
+49 511 762 17661


Kind regards,
Your International Office Team