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Neue Vizepräsidentin für Internationales

New Vice President for International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren

Professor Christina von Haaren succeeds Professor Teresa Carlomagno in office

Over the next few years, Professor Christina von Haaren will focus on strengthening and expanding internationality at Leibniz University Hannover. The landscape architect and ecologist was appointed as the new Vice President for International Affairs on 15 May 2019.

Christina von Haaren passed her Diplom examination at the former University of Hannover in 1978, where she also completed her doctoral studies in 1988. She has held a professorship in landscape management and nature conservation at the Institute of Environmental Planning since 1998. Between 2000 and 2008, Professor von Haaren was a member of the German Advisory Council on the Environment, an advisory board of the Federal Government. In this capacity, she promoted international cooperation between members of the European Council. Since then, she has acted as a member of various committees at federal level, as well as in international research projects.

"I consider my new responsibilities as a member of the Presidential Board a big challenge and a great honour", says Christina von Haaren. "I look forward to extending and strengthening our international activities, as well as to increasing the internal and external visibility of the university's internationality". Professor von Haaren is well acquainted with the challenges of internationalisation and benefits from her practical experience - both from courses held in English and from supervising international doctoral candidates. As Vice President for International Affairs, she will also undertake the challenge of internationalising administration and teaching.