The spirit of Leibniz!

© Christian Bierwagen

Leibniz University Hannover has a new motto

He was a philosopher, natural scientist, historian, lawyer and engineer. His inventive talent and imaginativeness continue to shape science and research around the world to this day: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz represents universality and interdisciplinarity and always assumed an unusually global perspective. In 2006, he became the namesake of the former Universität Hannover, which was renamed Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) on 1 July. His profound scientific activities and his international networks are a shining example for LUH members, especially in connection with the university’s broad spectrum of subjects. From now on, this will be reflected in the new motto of LUH. The motto “Global thinking, interdisciplinary research: the spirit of Leibniz!” as well as the shortened form “The spirit of Leibniz!” will demonstrate the international orientation and open-mindedness of its namesake.

The motto was developed within the scope of the new overall strategy “LUH 2031” adopted by the Senate in December 2020. It emphasises that LUH views itself in the tradition of its namesake Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz while being committed to addressing major societal challenges.