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29,000 Students Enrolled at Leibniz University Hannover in Winter Semester

29,000 Students Enrolled at Leibniz University Hannover in Winter Semester

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Previous year’s high level is surpassed

After eight years of continuous growth, the previous year''s high level is again surpassed in winter semester 2018/19. As of 8 October, provisional figures suggest that approximately 29,300 students (excluding students on leave) will be enrolled at the university - a year ago, the figure was 28,742. Final figures for the beginning of the semester will not be available until mid-November.

5,281 first-year students will commence a bachelor''s degree programme or a state examination course at Leibniz University Hannover in winter semester (provisional figure). 2,281 students are enrolled in a master''s programme. Overall, 7,653 first-year students were admitted. Compared to the previous year, this amounts to an increase of 5 percent (7,296).

Most first-year students are enrolled in the restricted degree programmes Economics and Management (606) and Law (412), followed by the unrestricted degree programmes Computer Science (374), Civil and Environmental Engineering (315), Mechanical Engineering (292), Philosophy (interdisciplinary Bachelor''s degree, 266), and Mathematics (interdisciplinary Bachelor''s degree, 247).

The interest in master''s programmes exceeds last year''s level by 10 percent. The most popular master''s programmes are Economics and Management (331), Mechanical Engineering (200), and Special Needs Education (152). With 246 first-year students, the master''s programme for the Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools maintains previous year''s figures.

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