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CHE Hochschulranking 2019: Bestnoten für Architektur

CHE University Ranking 2019: Top Marks for Architecture

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Students benefit from excellent education and support

The subject Architecture at Leibniz University Hannover achieved outstanding results in this year''s CHE university ranking. Today, the results of the ranking were published in the ZEIT university guide 2019/20. Architecture is one of the top ranking subjects in a remarkable number of categories. Other subjects at LUH such as Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, or Mechanical Engineering also achieved very good results.

Within the scope of the ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), students evaluate the conditions at their faculty. In addition, the evaluation includes other parameters such as equipment or the amount of acquired funding. One-third of the subjects is re-evaluated every year. The following subjects were evaluated in 2019/20: English/American Studies, Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering/Applied Chemistry, Electrical and Information Engineering, Power Engineering, Educational Science, German, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Engineering Physics, Psychology, Romance Studies, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering, as well as Materials Engineering/Materials Science.

Architecture students rated their subject as excellent in a remarkable number of fields. It is one of the top ranking subjects in 13 categories, such as "support from teaching staff", "academic support", "teaching programmes", "organisation of studies", "IT infrastructure", "equipment of workplaces", "general academic situation", or "support for new students". This outcome significantly exceeds the excellent results of previous rankings in 2016 and 2013.

Architecture students at Leibniz University Hannover benefit from practical approaches in various areas. Among other things, the faculty specialises in incorporating aspects of urban development and cultural landscapes into the design and planning process. Traditionally, art is an integral part of architecture education in Hannover.

Other fields of study at LUH also rank among the top subjects in several categories. Civil Engineering achieved outstanding results in the categories "support for new students", "professional experience", "international orientation", and "funding per researcher". In addition, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is one of the top subjects in the categories "support for new students", "scientific relevance", and "equipment". The subject Mechanical Engineering at LUH scored in the categories "international exchange", "funding per researcher", "doctorates per professor", and "examinations".

The CHE university ranking evaluates more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in German-speaking countries. The complete ranking and further information can be found at

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