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CHE Hochschulranking 2020: Bestnoten für Jura und Wirtschaftswissenschaften

CHE University Ranking 2020: Top Marks for Law and Economics

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Students appreciate the support provided during the course of their studies

In this year''s CHE university ranking, the subjects Law, Economics and Management, and Engineering and Business Administration taught at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) achieved outstanding results in several categories. Today, the results of the ranking were published in the ZEIT university guide 2020/2021. According to the ranking, law students at LUH appreciate the excellent support services provided by their faculty - especially at the start of their studies. The same applies for the subjects Economics and Management and Engineering and Business Administration. Furthermore, Economics and Management is one of the top-ranking subjects in various categories evaluating conditions in research and teaching, such as "degree completed in an appropriate period of time" or "funding per researcher".

Within the scope of the ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), students evaluate the conditions at their faculty. In addition, the evaluation includes other parameters such as equipment or the amount of acquired funding. Every year, one-third of the subjects is re-evaluated. At LUH, the subjects Law, Economics and Management, and Engineering and Business Administration were evaluated. 

The LUH subject Law is one of the top ranking subjects in the categories "academic support" and "support provided for new students". The Faculty of Law provides numerous services for new students, including orientation days, support with networking provided by student mentors, tandems, individual coaching as well as advisory services during the course of studies. The JurSERVICE facility provides individual support for examinations and offers workshops to prepare students of all semesters for assessments and term papers. Moreover, the faculty offers numerous national and international Moot Courts while enabling students to gain additional qualifications. Apart from the conventional undergraduate degree, other degree programmes in the field of law are available at LUH, such as "IT Law and Intellectual Property Law" or the master''s degree programme "European Legal Practice".

The Faculty of Economics and Management also offers comprehensive support services for LUH students. The subjects Economics and Management and Engineering and Business Administration achieved outstanding results in the category "support for new students". With an extensive mentoring programme, foundation courses taking place prior to commencing study, peer learning schemes including cooperative work and seminars, individual coaching opportunities, as well as early warning systems, advisory services, student mentors, tandems and course coordinators, the programmes provide ideal conditions for new students. Moreover, both disciplines were among the top-ranking subjects in the category "degree completed in an appropriate period of time". The subject Economics and Management achieved outstanding results in the categories "publications per professor" and "funding per researcher".

The CHE university ranking evaluates more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in German-speaking countries. The complete ranking and further information can be found at

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