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‘Freigeist’ Fellowship for Dr Hendrik Weimer Extended

‘Freigeist’ Fellowship for Dr Hendrik Weimer Extended

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Additional funding for quantum technology work group led by the physicist

''Freigeist'' Fellowships awarded by the Volkswagen Foundation address outstanding researchers exploring new horizons and conducting excellent research outside of established fields. Dr Hendrik Weimer from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics conducts research in the field of quantum simulation. He has been in receipt of funding within the scope of a ''Freigeist'' Fellowship since 2014, which has now been extended. His work group has been awarded funding for a further three years amounting to 400,000 euros.

Over the past years, the 38-year-old researcher focused on open quantum systems including fundamental issues as well as applications of quantum technology. The project, which has now been extended, brings together atomic physics, solid-state physics and quantum information theory.

A general approach for generating quantum states with almost arbitrary properties requires another breakthrough in terms of theory. In addition to generating theoretical knowledge, the second funding phase will be focusing on identifying practical applications.

Among other things, quantum technology is used in information technology and biology, as well as in safe communication or high-precision measurement technology. In this context, Dr Weimer will explore the topological order of matter. "Research in the field of topological order is challenging - both in terms of understanding phase transitions and with regard to key applications for quantum computers or quantum metrology", explains the physicist.

Dr Hendrik Weimer studied physics at University of Stuttgart and Durham University. After completing his doctoral degree, he was awarded a postdoc fellowship at Harvard University. He has been employed by Leibniz University Hannover since 2012 and completed his habilitation in 2018.

The ''Freigeist'' programme of the Volkswagen Foundation addresses outstanding personalities from all scientific disciplines conducting research outside of established fields. The programme provides modular and flexible opportunities for postdoctoral researchers pursuing innovative projects. Following the initial phase, a proposal illustrating the long-term implementation of the ''Freigeist'' project must be submitted by the relevant university in order to receive additional funding. Each year, the foundation awards up to 15 fellowships within the scope of the ''Freigeist'' programme established in 2014. Dr Stefanie Büchner, another ''Freigeist'' Fellow at LUH, currently conducts research at the Institute of Sociology and the L3S Research Centre.

Note to editors:
For further information, please contact Dr Hendrik Weimer, Institute of Theoretical Physics, via email at hweimer@itp.uni-hannover.de.