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Leibniz University Hannover Advocates Public Climate School

Leibniz University Hannover Advocates Public Climate School

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Climate change awareness week with numerous presentations and lectures open to the public

The national awareness week “Public Climate School” will take place between 25 and 29 November. Initiated by the Fridays for Future and Students for Future movements, students and teaching staff at higher education institutions in Germany are encouraged to address climate change and discuss ideas to counteract its consequences. The programme includes events organised by Students for Future as well as lectures held by LUH teaching staff.

The Presidential Board of Leibniz University Hannover encourages the Public Climate School concept as well as the students’ activities and is delighted that numerous LUH researchers have joined the campaign to provide scientific analysis on the issue of climate change despite their busy lecturing schedules. The awareness week will include numerous presentations and university events open to the public, the media, and other interested parties.

You are cordially invited to attend the following lectures held by teaching staff and students:

  • 25 November, 9.45 - 11.15 Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter, Institute of Wind Energy Systems: The Climate Crisis, the Paris Agreement, and Requirements Regarding the Conversion of the German Energy System.
  • 25 November, 14.00 - 16.00 Prof. Dr. Torsten Schlurmann, Ludwig Franzius Institute of Hydraulic, Estuarine and Coastal Engineering: Coastal Futures – Changes and Consequences of the Sea Level Rise for Global Coasts. 
  • 25 November, 18.30 - 20.30 Prof. Dr. Gunther Seckmeyer, Institute of Meteorology and Climatology: Climate Change and Climate Crisis – Causes and Solutions
  • 26 November, 18.30 - 20.30 Athanasios Karathanassis: Causes of Climate Change – Destruction of Nature, Capitalism, and (Post) Growth Perspectives
  • 27 November, 18:30 - 20:30 Katharina Rauthmann & Philip Bergstermann: The Politics of Climate Action and Economy – How Business Location Concerns Obstruct Effective Climate Action
  • 27 November, 8.30 - 10.00 Prof. Dr. Gunther Seckmeyer, Institute of Meteorology and Climatology: Introductory Lecture to Meteorology, Topic: Climate Change in Lower Saxony
  • 27 November, 9.00 Prof. Christian Werthmann, Institute of Landscape Architecture: The Future of Mountains in the Age of Climate Change
  • 28 November, 16.00 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Rolfes, Institute of Structural Analysis: Wind Energy Research for Climate Action
  • 29 November, 8.00 - 9.30 Prof. Kristian Förster, Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources Management: Climate Change – (Anthropogenic) Greenhouse Gases and Cryospheric Change
  • 28 November, 14.00 - 17.00 Delarem Habibi-Kohlen: Climate Change and how we Develop a Meaningless View Towards it– Psychoanalytic Perspectives

The latest information on locations and an overview of additional events of teaching staff and students at Leibniz University Hannover can be found on the website of Fridays for Future Hannover: https://fridaysforfuture-hannover.de/public-climate-school/

The event flyer, as well as the press release issued by Students for Future are available below.

All events are open to the public. There is no need to register.

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For further information, please contact Mechtild Freiin v. Münchhausen, head of Communications and Marketing and spokesperson of Leibniz University Hannover (Tel. +49 511 762 5342, Email kommunikation@uni-hannover.de).