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LUH and MHH Continue to Expand their Collaboration as Leibniz Alliance Hannover (LEAH)

LUH and MHH Continue to Expand their Collaboration as Leibniz Alliance Hannover (LEAH)

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Joint proposal of LUH and MHH not successful in the current funding period of the Excellence Strategy

Following their joint proposal in the Universities of Excellence Funding Line within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments, the efforts of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) and Hannover Medical School (MHH) did not prove successful in the current funding period. After a very positive first round in September 2018 with four approved Clusters of Excellence, the universities entered the next round of the competition as Leibniz Alliance Hannover (LEAH) with a shared vision for addressing the fields health and technology. Both universities were eligible to submit an individual proposal.

"Unfortunately, we were not able to realise our mission to receive funding as an Excellence Consortium", says Professor Volker Epping, President of Leibniz University Hannover. "Nevertheless, we will significantly expand our collaboration in research and teaching over the next years and consolidate the alliance with regard to structure. Working together on the proposal as well as in the review phase has already strengthened our partnership considerably. Therefore, the Excellence Strategy process was a valuable and essential experience for us. During this time, we worked incredibly well together and did an excellent job. We can be very proud of that."

Professor Jürgen Mlynek, chairperson of the University Council at LUH, praised the outstanding commitment and the consortium''s vision: "I congratulate Leibniz Alliance Hannover on their dedication and their courageous proposal, even though it did not convince all reviewers in the end. Just by submitting the proposal, the visibility of Hannover on the research map was increased. It must be acknowledged how much the alliance with its new vision has evolved over a very short time and I am confident that it will continue to evolve and make outstanding contributions."

In November 2018, LUH and MHH signed a collaboration agreement setting out the objectives of their cooperation within the scope of Leibniz Alliance Hannover. Irrespective of today''s decision, this agreement forms the basis for the further development of collaboration activities between the universities. The alliance focuses on shaping tomorrow''s health research, as well as on the long-term development of Hannover as a science location. "We are committed to promoting the innovative and sustainable advancement of both universities within the consortium, as well as to expanding our successful collaboration in cutting-edge fields of research, which have evolved over several decades", announces Professor Michael P. Manns, President of Hannover Medical School.

The presidents especially thanked all participating researchers and the staff who supported them for their outstanding commitment during the application and review phase.

Leibniz Alliance Hannover (LEAH) stands for cutting-edge research collaboration in health and technology. LUH and MHH have been collaborating in a variety of projects since the 1970s. The partnership has evolved over the years and provides an ideal framework for an alliance that combines the expertise of both universities and institutionalises the collaboration at all levels with regard to content and structure.

LEAH aims to achieve a leading international position in health research and intends to make a significant contribution towards strengthening Hannover as a location. Solving complex issues in health and society requires experts from various disciplines working together - whether it be in implant research, in the development of new medication, in hearing research, in regenerative medicine, or in ethics and interdisciplinary studies of science. In order to achieve this, the alliance intends to foster an even closer and more sustainable collaboration with respect to future-oriented research projects with significant synergy potential.

An essential prerequisite for the joint proposal was the approval of at least three Clusters of Excellence at the participating universities.

Clusters of Excellence at LUH and MHH:

  • PhoenixD (Photonics, Optics, and Engineering - Innovation Across Disciplines; led by Leibniz University Hannover): The research collaboration aims to develop optical precision instruments in a quick and cost-efficient manner by using additive manufacturing technology.
  • QuantumFrontiers (Light and Matter at the Quantum Frontier: Foundations of and Applications in Metrology; led by Leibniz University Hannover): QuantumFrontiers focuses on light and matter at the quantum frontier and develops new measurement technologies at nano-level.
  • Hearing4All (Research for personalized treatment of hearing deficits; led by University of Oldenburg; in close collaboration with MHH and LUH): The cluster investigates individualised audiological diagnostics and customised hearing instruments.
  • RESIST (Resolving Infection Susceptibility; led by MHH): The collaborative project investigates molecular basics of immune deficiency towards pathogens, in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat infections in a more efficient manner.

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