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Three New Postgraduate Programmes Starting in Winter Semester

Three New Postgraduate Programmes Starting in Winter Semester

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Prospective students can apply for “Sports Science – Promoting Health Through Sports”, “Environmental Engineering”, and “Civil Engineering” starting in winter semester 2019/2020

The new master''s degree programme "Sports Science - Promoting Health Through Sports" expands the range of study programmes in sports science available at Leibniz University Hannover. Other than the teacher training programme "Sports", the new postgraduate programme focuses on natural sciences and qualifies graduates both for an academic career and for occupational fields not relating to education. Potential employers include municipal institutions, ministries, sports organisations, nursing homes for the elderly, social services, rehabilitation centres, therapeutic training organisations, health centres, group practices, or universities. The sports sector offers a wealth of career opportunities in various fields, from consultancy services, to therapy and prevention, to occupational health management, to development, supervision, and evaluation of fitness and sports activities, to product design, or research and teaching in higher education.

To qualify for admission to the master''s degree programme, an undergraduate degree in sports science is required. Students will focus on planning, outlining, implementing, and evaluating concepts for effective and long-term health promotion taking into account various factors such as the choice of exercises, training, as well as social aspects, educational programmes, and organisational structures. In addition, the degree programme addresses numerous cognitive dimensions of physical activity, such as development support, rehabilitation, and stabilisation of cognitive abilities.

The new postgraduate programme "Civil Engineering" originated from the existing degree programmes "Structural Engineering", "Water Management, Environmental and Coastal Engineering" and "Wind Energy Engineering". The comprehensive curriculum enables students to specialise in particular areas of interest. Students can either choose the existing fields of specialisation or the new major "Construction Management".

The master''s degree programme brings together all traditional activities of civil engineers: from analysis of structures, to construction management, and numerical simulation, including cutting-edge approaches, hands-on training, and interdisciplinary projects in natural sciences and technical engineering.

The new interdisciplinary master''s degree programme "Environmental Engineering" addresses issues in environmental and technical engineering - especially with regard to the design of facilities for environmental protection. With three fields of specialisation ("Environment", "Water", and "Energy"), the degree programme covers a broad spectrum of topics.

Through collaborations between the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodetic Science, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, the degree programme combines key aspects of civil and environmental engineering, geodesy, mechanical engineering, as well as environmental and landscape sciences. Environmental engineers plan environmental facilities and infrastructures. Duties and responsibilities include implementing construction projects, operations and maintenance, implementing and integrating processes, as well as reconstruction projects (such as environmental remediation).

The new postgraduate programmes comprise four semesters and start in the winter semester. In addition, students interested in "Civil Engineering" or "Environmental Engineering" may apply for admission in the summer semester 2020.

The application deadline for admission in the upcoming winter semester is 15.07.2019.

The new postgraduate programmes and an overview of all degree programmes available at Leibniz University Hannover can be found at:


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