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The Logical Firmament
14 Jun
14. June 2019
Kolloquium "Philosophie und Wissenschaftsreflexion"

The Logical Firmament

Most work in the epistemology of logic asks how inferential rules are known, and how individual steps in a proof are justified. But what happens when single steps are composed into a complex derivation? A new set of facts—“compositional facts”—come into play, which have been undertheorized despite being at the heart of such phenomena as logical non-omniscience. I will ask how recognition of these facts might alter our metaphysics and epistemology of logic. And I will make a tentative proposal for how compositional facts come to be known.


Prof. Dr. Michael G. Titelbaum


Institut für Philosophie

Prof. Dr. Feest und Prof. Dr. Frisch


14. June 2019
16:15 o'clock - 18:00 o'clock


Institut für Philosophie
Building: 1146
Room: B313
Im Moore (Hinterhaus) 21
30167 Hannover
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