Key Events in the History of the University

1831                 The scholar Karl Karmarsch founds the "Higher Trade School of Hannover" (Höhere Gewerbeschule zu Hannover) .
64 students begin their training
1879The school becomes the "Royal College of Technology" (Königliche Technische Hochschule) and moves to the Welfenschloss, which has been specially converted
1899he College of Technology is given a status equal to that of universities. Kaiser Wilhelm II grants it the right to confer doctorates
1921 The College of Technology is reconstructed with the financial support of the College Patrons’ Association. There are three faculties: Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
1951 A Department of Marine Engineering is established at the College of Technology
1952 The College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture becomes the fourth faculty
1968 The Faculty of Humanities and Political Science is established. The "College of Technology" becomes the "Technical University"
1973 The Faculty of Law is established
1974 The Faculty of Business and Economics is established
1978 The College of Education is integrated. The "Technical University" is given the name "University of Hannover"
1980 The University is restructured into 17 departments and two faculties
1991 Student numbers exceed 30,000 for the first time
1995 Move to new premises at Königsworther Platz with 20,000 m² of useable floor space
1997 University restructured again into 16 departments and one faculty
2002 Computer Science is established as the seventeenth independent faculty
2005 The departments are grouped into 9 different faculties
2006 175-Year celebrations of the University of Hannover at 5th of May
1st of Juli 2006 the "University of Hannover" is given the name "Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover"