English Studies as subject in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme
(Bachelor of Arts)

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Art des Studiums
Undergraduate studies (2 Subjects bachelor)
6 semesters
Winter semester
English, German
Besondere Voraussetzungen

Stay abroad possible, but not obligatory.


The subject english studies is offered as one of two subjects within the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme. Please note the subject combination options.

Students who take the subject of English Studies at Leibniz Universität in order to become a school teacher gain in-depth knowledge of literature, cultural studies, linguistics and teaching methodology. All students expand on their knowledge of the English language in language practice courses, offered by native speakers at the English Department. At this department, students lean how to prepare term papers, including Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, in English at an academic level.

During courses in literature and cultural sciences offered by the English Department, students learn about American, British and postcolonial literatures and cultures, and explore these in the social and political context of the present and the past. During linguistics courses, students gain knowledge about the structures of the contemporary English language and the historical development of these structures.

English language teaching revolves around the questions that arise concerning the teaching and learning of a foreign language.

Depending on whether students choose English Studies as their first or second subject in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme, they gain specialist knowledge (first subject) or a solid foundation (second subject).

Further Information on the website of the English Department (German language only)


  • American literature and cultural sciences
  • Applied linguistics
  • British classics
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Gender
  • Language and literature teaching
  • Media
  • Postcolonial literature and cultures
  • Seriality
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Teaching media
  • Variational linguistics

At Leibniz Universität Hannover, students who take the subject of English Studies on the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme can pursue a school-based or non-school-based specialisation. Students who choose the non-school-based specialisation usually expand on their knowledge in one of the two subject disciplines instead of attending courses on teaching methodology and education.

English Studies can be studied as a first or second subject. Students who take English Studies as their first subject complete advanced courses in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

The study of English Studies is divided into introductory courses in which students gain basic knowledge, overview courses and advanced courses.

Students take language practice lessons in which they gain a fundamental knowledge of the English language, from widening their vocabulary and expanding on their knowledge of grammar to writing all kinds of texts.

It is ensured during the degree programme that students gain the skills required to acquire knowledge independently.

As part of the interdisciplinary bachelor's degree programme, students with a focus on teaching have to complete a non-school-based internship as well as a school internship, both lasting four weeks. The non-school-based internship helps students to get first work insights in the area of teaching, to check on their career aspiration. For students with an non-school-based focus, an eight-week non-school-based internship must be completed.

Empfohlene Fähigkeiten
  • Love of reading
  • Love of linguistic expression
  • Critical faculties
  • Willingness to debate
  • Capacity for abstraction
  • Teaching skills
Tätigkeitsfelder und Berufsmöglichkeiten
  • School
  • Media
  • Press
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Publishers
  • Event management
  • Cultural institutions
  • Universities
Mögliche weiterführende Studiengänge

Under certain conditions, admission to the following Master''s programme is also possible. More detailed information can be found in the respective admission regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the course advice of the desired Master''s programme:

Zugangsvoraussetzungen und Bewerbung


Some subjects in the interdisciplinary Bachelor are restricted (Biology, Computer Science, Performing Arts, German Studies (school subject: German), English Studies (school subject: English), Geography, History, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, Spanish Studies (school subject: Spanish) and Sports (school subject: Physical Education).

Other subjects are admission-free (Chemistry, Protestant Theology (school subject: Protestant Religious Education), Catholic Theology (school subject: Catholic Religious Education), Mathematics, Philosophy and Physics).

The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulation.

Note: The admission regulations reflect the legally prescribed subject combinations in the Master regulation of Lower Saxony.
All currently possible subject combinations can be found under "Combinations".


01.06.-15.07. of the year for the winter semester

  • First-year students (application for the 1st semester) can only apply for the winter semester.
  • Those continuing their studies (application for higher semesters) can also apply for the summer semester (December 1st - January 15th.

The following applies to applications from non-EU countries:

  • VPD from uni-assist OR a passed assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) of a preparatory foundation course (Studienkolleg) is required.
  • Applications for the Studienkolleg must be submitted by July 15th.

English Studies (B.A.) - Clara & Hendrik talks about their studies

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Zentrale Studienberatung
Welfengarten 1
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Zentrale Studienberatung
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover