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Career guidance and service

Orientation and support for internships and job entry

The sooner you know what type of job you want to pursue, the easier it will be for you to find a profession that suits you. As soon as you have an initial idea of the field of work you would like to enter after graduation, it is important that you get a taste of this line of work early on at university. You can gain valuable experience by completing an internship or project work, or by taking on a part-time job.

What kind of everyday working environment do you envisage? Do you see yourself working as a generalist or as a specialist? And what type of company would suit you and the objectives you pursue?

Having gained initial experience, you will be able to obtain suitable additional qualifications at a later stage of your degree programme, gain practical experience, opt for areas of specialisation, and network with stakeholders in your chosen field. These preparatory steps will make your transition into employment considerably easier. This is particularly the case with degree programmes that do not prepare students for a specific profession. It is particularly important that students on such degree programmes seek career advice early.


The Career Service provided by ZQS/Key Competencies is the central port of call for students seeking career guidance and advice. The Career Service also helps students to search for jobs and to write job applications, as well as providing opportunities for networking with potential employers. We support students of all disciplines by providing career guidance and by helping them to plan an internship and their transition into employment.


Internships – making coffee? A thing of the past!

Practical experience is just as much part of university life as your library card. In most cases, theoretical knowledge alone will not be enough for you to quickly achieve a successful transition into employment. Internships are ideal for students to clarify their professional aspirations and expectations, to gain experience and to establish initial contacts.

We are happy to help you plan, search and apply for an internship: