Application for a Partner University in North America and Oceania

Application deadlines

  • November 15 for semesters beginning between July and September of the following year
  • June 15 for study periods beginning between January and February of the following year

Application documents

  • Checklist: Application Partner universities (German)
  • LUH online application through the application system "MoveOn". With the application form, the following documents are to be uploaded in MoveOn:
    • Application form International Office (Upload under "Motivation statement)
    • Resume (English) 
    • Language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, or Duoling English Test. Please note that some universities require a TOEFL and if you are selected for one of them, you will need to submit a TOEFL afterwards)
    • Certificate and/or transcript of grades (English)
    • Certificate of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
    • Copy of your passport
  • 1 Academic reference (in English) by a university instructor. The reference letter does not need to address specific universities unless you are only applying to one university.


  • The next application cycle is for the summer semester 2024.
  • Please refer to the ist of partner universities with available exchange spots for summer semester 2024 on our website North America and Oceania.
  •  All supporting documents  should be uploaded into MoveOn. They should not be sent via email or post.

Tips and advice for the application

FAQ''s about the application process, ISEP and the partner universities

If you are selected for a exchange program, then you will complete a Learning Agreement

Important notes

  • If you choose to decline the offer we or ISEP make, please be aware that a renewed application will be considered only after those of new applicants (exceptions: personal reasons like illness, family emergencies, death in the family, accidents etc.).
  • If you are selected for a study stay at a partner university, you are asked to serve as a Study Buddy in Hannover.
  • It is possible and recommended to apply for the ISEP program and partner universities at the same time. After a successful application you will be nominated either for a partner university or ISEP, depending on availability and individual suitability. You then have the option of accepting or declining the nomination. If you choose to decline, no other offer will be made to you. Please consider this before you apply if you are willing to accept a nomination to a university other than your top choice
  • Please inform yourself about any and all faculty programs.
  • We do not give any guarantee for the available information concerning accepted or neccessary health insurance at partner universities.
  • Please be advised when selecting your courses that the course number usually corresponds to the study year, e.g. courses with the numbers 100 and up are for first year studies, 200 and up for second year and so on. Please also note that unergraduate programs take four years, meaning that graduate courses will either have the numbers 500 and up or have another designation entirely!
Regional Coordinator for North America and Oceania

Stephen Sechrist
Regional Coordinator for North America and Oceania

Adrian Langer
Student Assistant for  for North America and Oceania

For information on current advising appointments and open office hours please see Study Abroad Advising. Additional appointments can be arranged via email directly with Stephen Sechrist.