Recognition of credits earned abroad

Information for students

When returning to Leibniz University Hannover after studying abroad, you can have credits earned at university abroad recognised to your home degree programme. To ensure the smooth recognition of credits, a Learning Agreement must be signed by you, your faculty/department and your host institution. Please contact the Exchange Coordinator of your faculty/department well before going abroad to find out about recognition options.


The steps you need to take to transfer credits and examination results from abroad are shown below. You will find a schematic overview of the transfer procedure in the Documents and Templates section below.

Planning your study abroad

You should contact the Exchange Coordinator of your faculty/department before embarking on your study abroad to find out about recognition options. A Learning Agreement (available from the link below) should be discussed and completed together with your Exchange Coordinator before your departure.


Completing your study abroad

During your study abroad, make sure that you have notification of the credits and examinations earnt. Original documents must be presented for the accreditation procedure at Leibniz University Hannover.

Please discuss any changes to your Learning Agreement with your Exchange Coordinator. The second page of the Learning Agreement can be used for amendments.


Recognition after returning to Leibniz Universität Hannover

After returning to Leibniz University Hannover, please submit your Learning Agreement and  Transcript of Records (transcript of grades / certificate) to your Exchange Coordinator or Erasmus Officer, who will pre-check it and pass it on to the Examination Committee or to the dean of studies responsible.

The Examination Committee or the Dean of Studies will then send you notification of recognition, and will inform the Examination Office accordingly. This notification will also mention the modules/courses to which credits earned abroad are being transferred.

The Examination Office records the recognition. If you are interested in having credits earned abroad included in your Diploma Supplement, please contact the Recognition Officer in your faculty.

Documents and Templates

Template Learning Agreement (Word file)
Template Learning Agreement Erasmus + (Word file)
Guidelines Learning Agreement (PDF file)
Template Transcript of Records (Excel file)
Empfehlung zur Umrechnung von ausländischen Noten (PDF file, in German)