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After your studies

After your studies

After you have successfullly finish your studies or stay at Leibniz, you have to take an important decision: stay in Hannover or going back home?

Stay in Hannover

  • Legal situation

    As soon as you have successfully complete your studies, you have to inform the Foreign Office on this purpose. 

    Students and doctoral students with a residence permit with § 16 (for study) have 18 months time, to find a position related to their studies. Doctoral students with a residence permit with § 18 (for work) or § 20 (for research) have only 6 months for this.

    During this time, your pursuit of employment is permitted without restriction.

  • Preparation to the job market in Germany

    The ZQS offers each semester workshops to help international students to better prepare themself to the job market in Germany. The ZQS also offers individual consultation.

  • Finding a Job in Germany

    Hier you will find some website who can help you to find a job in Germany:

    For those, who want to get self-employed, you can find more information and support about the topic Company start up here. Please note that in this purpose, you will need the permission of the Foreign Office.


Guideline "Working in Hannover" bevor, during and after (doctoral) studies (in German)

Going back Home

  • Registration cancellation and further resident permit regulations

    Before travelling back in your home country, please make sure that your that you comply with all following formalities.

    At the university:

    In Hannover

    • Concellation of your registration at the "Bürgeramt" and at the foreign office
    • Cancellation of your registration at the GEZ
    • Closure of your bank account
    • Cancellation from the different assurance contract (health Insurance, liability insurance, household inventory insurance, etc.)
    • Cancellation from any subscription (newspapers, sport, etc.)
    • Give  your landlord in notice on time that you are leaving your flat.
    • Make an appointment for moving out with your landlord
  • Recognition abroad of your German diploma

    To be recognized, German diplomas need in many countries a specific certification called Apostille (for the countries who are member of the Hague convention abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents, concluded October 5, 1961) or Legalisation.

    You can apply for an “Apostille” personally or via post to the Polizeidirektion Hannover. For this application, you need your diplomas in original and a pre-certification made by the examination office of the university (for BA and MA) or by the Faculty (for doctorate).

    You can apply for a “Legalisation” at the German consulate of the country of your living. For this, you will need a pre-certification of your diploma made by the university (Examination office for BA and MA; Faculty for doctorate) and the Polizeidirektion Hannover.

    Here you will find more information on this purpose (in German) and the contact person for Apostille or Legalisation of university diploma:

  • Support for returning experts

    Here you will find information and supports, which will help you to succesfull use the Knowledge you get in Germany after returning in your home country.

Also after your studies, stay in contact with the LUH thanks to the Alumni-Network


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