International Graduates

After you have successfully completed your studies, or doctorate or your stay at Leibniz University Hannover, you have to take an important decision: stay in Hannover or go back home?

Staying in Hannover

  • Legal situation

    As soon as you have successfully completed your studies, you are required to inform the foreigners' authority of this. 

    Students and doctoral students with a residence permit under paragraph 16 (for study) have 18 months to find a position related to their studies. Doctoral students with a residence permit under paragraph 18 (for work) or paragraph 20 (for research) have only 6 months for this.

    During this time, you are permitted to seek employment without restriction.

  • Preparing for the job market in Germany

    Each semester, the ZQS offers workshops to help international students better prepare themselves for the German job market. The ZQS also offers individual consultations.

  • Finding a job in Germany

    Here are some useful websites that can help you find a job in Germany:

    For those who would like to pursue self-employment, more information and support is available here. Please note that in this case you will need the permission of the foreigners' authority.


Guide to working in Hannover before, during and after (doctoral) studies (in German)

Going back Home

  • Cancellation of resident registration and other legal formalities

    Before travelling back to your home country, please make sure that your that you take care of the following formalities.

    At the university:

    • Removal of your name from the university register once you have received your diploma
    • Returning of your office or laboratory key and other items belonging to the institution
    • Specific information for exchange students

    In Hannover:

    • Cancellation of your registration at the "Bürgeramt" and the foreigner's authority
    • Cancellation of your registration at the GEZ
    • Closure of your bank account
    • Cancellation of the various insurance contracts (health Insurance, liability insurance, household inventory insurance, etc.)
    • Cancellation of any subscriptions (newspapers, sports, etc.)
    • Termination of rental contract with sufficient notice
    • Setting of appointment with your landlord to return keys, check apartment, etc.
  • Recognition of your German degree certificate abroad

    In order to be recognised, German degree certificates are required to have a specific certification called an "Apostille" in many countries (countries which are signatories to the Hague convention abolishing the legalisation requirement for foreign public documents, concluded 5 October 1961) or legalisation.

    You can apply to the Polizeidirektion Hannover for an Apostille, either in person or via post. For this application, you will need the original versions of your degree certificates as well as a pre-certification from the university's examination office (for BAs and MAs) or the specific faculty (for doctorates).

    You can apply for “legalisation” at the German consulate in the country where you live. You will need a pre-certification of your degree certificate from the university (examination office for BAs and MAs; faculty for doctorates) and the Polizeidirektion Hannover.

    You can find more information about this process (in German) and the contact person for an Apostille or legalisation of university degree certificates on the following page:

  • Support for returning experts

    Here you will find information and support to help you to succesfully utilise the knowledge you obtained in Germany once you have returned to your home country.

Stay in touch with LUH after your studies through the Alumni Network


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