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European Legal Practice LL.M Joint Degree

European Legal Practice LL.M Joint Degree
(Master of Laws)

Course type
postgraduate studies (master, international)
Standard Course Duration
4 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester, Summer semester
Primary Language of Instruction
German, English
Special Requirements

 An excellent university degree in law with at least 3 years of study time and proof of language skills.

Restricted admission

Stay abroad obligatory.

Short Description

In the LL.M in European Legal Practice, which takes two years, students build on the knowledge gained in their previous LL.B degree or in the First Legal State Examination, specialising in European legal practice. At least one period abroad is an essential component of the programme. During the period abroad, students discover the differences and similarities of legal, social and cultural systems.

With regard to content, students explore, analyse and compare two or more legal systems, enabling them to assess these systems accordingly. This enables students to gain an objective perspective of the genesis and historical development of different legal systems. The wide range of topics in the LL.M. that differ from a “conventional” Law degree give students the opportunity to view law from a different perspective.

The aim is not only to teach students the core subject matter, but also to provide them with a level of internationality in the respective national language that will enable them to compete successfully in the profession.

As such, this degree programme is characterised by its individuality and diversity, culminating in a joint degree conferred by state universities in Hannover, Lisbon and Rouen, one of a few Law degrees of its kind in Germany.

Areas of Focus

  • Comparative law
  • European and international private and business law
  • European legal practice
  • Institutional European law
  • International law
  • National law (in Germany, France and Portugal in the areas of civil law, criminal law and public law)
Course Content

The degree programme takes two years; the first two semesters are spent at one of the degree awarding partner universities (DaP). Different compulsory and optional modules are chosen to earn the necessary 120 ECTS.

Students then spend the third semester obligatory at one of the DaPs that they did not attend in the first year.

Finally, in the fourth semester, students usually write their Master’s thesis at a DaP or, alternatively, another DaP that they have not yet attended.

Modifications to these mobility requirements may be made in the case of students whose home university is the primary University.

Recommended Abilities
  • Independence
  • Excellent linguistic skills or an interest in learning a new language
  • Openness towards new people and change
  • A basic interest in subject matter relating to European law and comparative law
Career Opportunities

Owing to the specialisation in European Law, the following professional opportunities are open to graduates:

    • Employment with European institutions
    • Civil service in Germany and abroad
    • International advocacy or consultancy
    • In-house lawyer
Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

For master's degree programmes with restricted admission, places shall be allocated according to the university’s own selection procedure, if there are more applicants fulfilling the admission requirements than there are places available. The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations:
Admission and special language Regulations European Legal Practice LL.M Joint Degree

Application Deadlines

First-year students

  • June 1st – July 15th of the year for the winter semester
  • December 1st – January 15th of the year for the summer semester

Students resuming their studies and transfer students (application in a higher semester)

  • June 1st – July 15th of the year for the winter semester
  • December 1st – January 15th of the year for the summer semester

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