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Music as subject in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Music as subject in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme
(Bachelor of Arts)

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Course type
Undergraduate studies (2 Subjects bachelor)
Standard Course Duration
8 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester
Language of Instruction
Language Requirements

German HZB: none
International application: German C1
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Restricted admission

Stay abroad possible, but not obligatory.

Short Description

The subject music is offered as one of two subjects within the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme. Please note the subject combination options.

Quality, diversity and liveliness characterize this study programme of the University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover, which is offered in cooperation with the Leibniz Universität Hannover. With the first subject music the programme aimes primarily at future school musicians who, depending on their individual preferences, can choose the discipline "Classical Music" or "Jazz Rock Pop".

The Interdisciplinary bachelor's Programme (FüBa) qualifies for a transition to the master's programme for teaching at grammar schools or a purely scientific master's programme, but also prepares directly for demanding professional activities through its comprehensive qualifications and practical relevance.

Unlike to most other training locations, the standard period of study in this programme is not six, but eight semesters, which benefits the artistic and scientific breadth and depth of education.

Further information on the website of the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

Course Content

  • Acquisition of musicological and music pedagogical / music communicative competencies
  • Big Band
  • Chorus u. Orchestra phase
  • Ensemble line
  • instrument
  • music theory
  • percussion
  • rhythm
  • singing
Course Structure

The programme covers two subjects (major and minor) and the professionalization area, in which comprehensive qualifications (pedagogy, psychology and key competences) are taught.

The first year of study is exclusively completed at the HMTMH, only in the second year begins the study of the second subject at the Leibniz University or the HMTMH with the minor subject Media Management.

As part of the interdisciplinary bachelor's degree programme, students with a focus on teaching have to complete a non-school-based internship as well as a school internship, both lasting four weeks. The non-school-based internship helps students to get first work insights in the area of teaching, to check on their career aspiration. For students with an non-school-based focus, an eight-week non-school-based internship must be completed.

Recommended Abilities

The degree programme aims at those interested in arts, science and pedagogics who are preparing for a broad subject area of music education, especially in the field of traditional school music.

Career Opportunities

Depending on the future professional goal (freelance or teacher career), individual priorities are set in the course of the study, leading to the deepening of certain vocational skills. The "Bachelor of Arts" is also a prerequisite for admission to master's programmes. Here, above all, the two-year master's programme "Teacher training for grammar schools" of the HMTMH is highly attractive, because the need for qualified school musicians is currently very high.

Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

Some subjects in the interdisciplinary Bachelor are restricted (Biology, Computer Science, Performing Arts, German Studies (school subject: German), English Studies (school subject: English), Geography, History, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, Spanish Studies (school subject: Spanish) and Sports (school subject: Physical Education).

Other subjects are admission-free (Chemistry, Protestant Theology (school subject: Protestant Religious Education), Catholic Theology (school subject: Catholic Religious Education), Mathematics, Philosophy and Physics).

Please note that the application for admission to the subject of music, with the required application documents for the entrance examination, must be sent by April of the year to the University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover (Please check the official deadline).

The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulation.

Note: The admission regulations reflect the legally prescribed subject combinations in the Master regulation of Lower Saxony.
All currently possible subject combinations can be found under "Combinations".

Application Deadlines

01.06.-15.07. of the year for the winter semester

  • First-year students (application for the 1st semester) can only apply for the winter semester.
  • Those continuing their studies (application for higher semesters) can also apply for the summer semester (December 1st - January 15th.
  • Please note the different application deadlines due to the entrance examination.

The following applies to applications from non-EU countries:

  • VPD from uni-assist OR a passed assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) of a preparatory foundation course (Studienkolleg) is required.
  • Applications for the Studienkolleg must be submitted by July 15th.

You can find the link to the application on the website of the University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover.

Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme (B.A./B.Sc.)

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