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Pflege im Masterstudiengang Lehramt an berufsbildenden Schulen für Fachbachelor (LBS-Sprint)

Nursing as subject in the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Technical Education for Single-subject Bachelor's Graduates (LBS-Sprint)

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© Hochschule Hannover
Course type
Postgraduate studies (Master)
Standard Course Duration
4 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester
Primary Language of Instruction
Special Requirements

For the professional specialization in nursing, proof of completed relevant vocational training must be provided. The regulation on master's degrees for teaching positions in Lower Saxony (Nds. MasterVO-Lehr) regulates the proof of practical professional activities in Annex 5.

Restricted admission

Short Description

Leibniz Universität Hannover/Leibniz School of Education, in cooperation with the Department of Nursing and Health Care of Faculty V – Diaconic Studies, Health Care and Social Work of Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, is offering the Vocational subject area of Nursing within the Master’s programme “LBS Sprint" (Teacher Training Course for Technical Education) from 2022/23 onward, with a winter semester intake.

Prospective students with an undergraduate degree in Nursing or Nursing Science (usually a Bachelor’s degree) have the opportunity to pursue this Master’s programme. Successful completion of the Master of Education degree creates the prerequisite for the preparatory phase of teacher training (teacher training period), enabling graduates to work primarily at public vocational schools.

The Master’s programme, which takes place at two cooperating locations, is offered with a 2-subject combination and the subject of “Vocational and Business Education”, which is compulsory for the Teacher Training Course for Technical Education (LBS).

1st subject: Vocational subject area of Nursing,
2nd subject: General academic teaching subject
(students can choose from German, Politics, Protestant Religious Education, Mathematics, Physics and Physical Education)
Vocational and Business Education

Areas of Focus

  • Learning and teaching in nursing education
  • Learning diagnostics, learning guidance, learning support
  • Innovation and development of education and training in the nursing profession
  • Professionalisation of healthcare professions – fields of action and research in nursing
  • Subject-didactic school-based studies (placement)
Course Content

Semesters 1-4:

  • 4 days of face-to-face classes per week at Leibniz University Hannover to learn Vocational and Business Education and the general academic teaching subject chosen by the student
  • 1 day of face-to-face classes per week at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts to learn the vocational subject area of Nursing

From the third semester until submission of the Master’s thesis:

Subject-didactic school-based studies in the vocational subject area of Nursing in the form of a 4-week placement, taken en bloc or during term time

Also in the fourth semester:

completion of the Master’s thesis, including the colloquium

Semester Vocational subject area subject didactics
1 Conditions in vocational subject area (8 ECTS) +
Vocational and Business Education (8 ECTS)
2 Vocational and Business Education (22 ECTS)
Vocational subject area Nursing including subject didactics (23 ECTS)
General education subject including subject didactics(60 ECTS)
4 Master's thesis including Colloquium (15 ECTS)  
Recommended Abilities
  • Basic educational/methodological and didactical knowledge
  • Initial teaching experience
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Ability to instruct, support and accompany learners
Career Opportunities
  • Teaching and management activities primarily at public vocational schools (BBS) in various courses of education in nursing (after successful completion of the teacher training period) with possible appointment as a civil servant
  • Research
  • Doctorate
Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree in a related field of study, such as

For master''s degree programmes with unrestricted admission, all applicants who fulfil the admission requirements will be admitted a university place. The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations: 

For the professional specialization in nursing, proof of completed vocational training must be submitted with the application. Applications can be made in the summer and winter semesters for electrical engineering and metal technology, and only for the winter semester for nursing.

Usually a bachelor''s degree in nursing or nursing science with the elective focus "Vocational Nursing Education / Nursing Education" or "Extended Nursing Practice / Counseling" or another nursing science programme with a nursing science share of at least 120 credit points.

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