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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an die Beschäftigten der LUH

Message from university management to LUH employees

Corona Pandemic – New Regulations

Dear colleagues,

Last Friday, the emergency committee discussed the current regulations at Leibniz University Hannover with respect to the Corona pandemic. Today, I would like to inform you about the new regulations that have been resolved, that affect various areas of our university.

As of today, we can all rejoice that the incidence rate for the Hannover region is 3.9 and that the State of Lower Saxony has declared stage 0 of the step-by-step plan. Summer has arrived and the effects of the progress in vaccination are becoming noticeable. The emergency committee of Leibniz University Hannover has thus significantly relaxed various limitations.

Mandatory use of face masks

Masks no longer have to be worn in outdoor areas of the university. Medical face masks or FFP2 masks must be worn inside of buildings at LUH. See FAQ 2.1.2 for more information.

Study areas

From 01 July 2021, study areas at LUH will be available for use without supervision (FAQ 3.1). 

Please note, masks must be worn if a study area for group work is used by more than one person. However, should it become increasingly apparent that students do not observe this rule, we will be forced to close the study areas for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Study areas no longer require prior reservation. Please note: The study area located in the atrium of the main university building will only be available until 30 July 2021.

Field trips

Field trips required in accordance with examination regulations (including those over multiple days with overnight stays) are possible under strict compliance with hygiene measures specifically implemented for these activities – in cases where online formats could potentially lead to a prolonged duration of study. Hygiene concepts must be approved by the Occupational Safety department in advance. Participating students are required to conduct a self-test – further information can be found in FAQ section 2.4.

Working from home

Despite the growing willingness and necessity, the national and international situation does not yet permit a complete return to on-campus university life. Naturally, compliance with the applicable hygiene requirements plays an important role. The following requirements therefore apply:

  • Working on campus in single-occupant offices is preferable, unless the regulations on distancing and hygiene cannot be observed due to other spatial conditions.
  • Multi-occupant offices may only be used provided that the regulations on distancing and hygiene can be observed. Sufficient ventilation must also be ensured (see the General hygiene measures and the information on ventilation in FAQ section 2).

Information on the use of multi-occupant offices:

Bearing in mind the regulations and measures to prevent the spread of infection, the use of double-occupant or multi-occupant offices with several persons is also possible. The Occupational Safety Department must be consulted to determine whether an office or several offices in an area may be used by multiple occupants, in view of preventing the spread of infection.

  • As a further measure to prevent the spread of infection, members of staff may work from home if the requirements below cannot be fulfilled.

Information on working from home:

If the regulations and measures to prevent the spread of infection cannot be observed, a group to work from home (as described below) should be formed as a preventative measure. Staff in leadership positions are responsible for the specific arrangements in consultation with the Occupational Safety Department.

Working from home can continue to be implemented as a measure to observe the hygiene requirements, provided that duties can be carried out from home and official aspects such as service are not hindered. In concrete terms, the organisational units that were previously primarily or exclusively working from home would return to normal functioning, in such a way that at least proportional staffing can be ensured on campus (insofar as this corresponds to service prior to Corona). A form of staff rotation system should be implemented to observe regulations on hygiene and should be documented in order to trace any possible chain of infection. Working from home shall continue to be possible, provided that official work can be carried out. Accordingly, the work space itself as well as all other technical and infrastructural conditions must be suitable for working from home and the university’s information security and privacy policies must be observed. In particular, employees must be available via email and telephone.

Entitlement to work from home shall not apply. If working from home is to be granted, absence of colleagues due to leave must be taken into account and it should be ensured that normal service is not hindered.

The Staff Council has suspended restrictions concerning telecommuting until 31 December 2021. Future plans concerning the option to work from home are currently underway at LUH.

External guests

External guests are now permitted to enter buildings at Leibniz University Hannover Regulations on hygiene and masks must be observed.

Work-related meeting with external guests

Work-related meetings with external guests may take place in person. No more than 25 persons may attend. Regulations on distancing and hygiene at LUH shall apply (distancing, masks, ventilation). Guests should provide a negative test result, or proof of vaccination or recovery.

Internal work-related meetings

Internal, work-related meetings may also take place in person. Regulations on hygiene shall apply. No more than 25 persons should attend.

Business trips abroad

Approval is still required for business trips abroad. See FAQ 4.7

Conducting interviews

Interviews within the scope of recruitment procedures may continue to be held via video conference. For this, the video conferencing platforms Jitsi or WebEx must be used. If necessary, interviews may be held in person, provided that regulations on distancing and hygiene at LUH are observed and candidates can present a negative test result, or proof of vaccination or recovery.

Events at LUH

Events of a public nature with external guests (receptions, lectures, etc.) may take place at LUH in accordance with the step-by-step plan for Lower Saxony and in compliance with the regulations to prevent the infection and spread of the coronavirus issued by the State of Lower Saxony. A hygiene concept must be approved by the Occupational Safety Department for every individual event. The regulations on distancing shall apply (seating plan). Guests must provide a negative test result, or proof of vaccination or recovery.

When making long-term plans, it should be noted that the options for events depend strongly on the infection incidence rate and that flexibility to adapt may be required.


Please note that it is not possible to announce all changes via email. Please regularly consult our FAQ on the coronavirus pandemic for information regarding individual regulations (University Sports Centre, LeibnizShop, accessing facilities on campus, etc.). Thank you!

I look forward to us commencing what I hope will be a more relaxed phase than the past few months. I wish you all the best for the rest of the semester. Have a lovely summer and take care!

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Volker Epping

President, Leibniz University Hannover