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Most prestigious research award in Germany: Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Leibniz University Hannover

Most prestigious research award in Germany: Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Leibniz University Hannover

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Prof. Robert Raußendorf Prof. Robert Raußendorf Prof. Robert Raußendorf
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The renowned quantum physicist Prof. Dr. Robert Raußendorf will teach and conduct research in Hannover from summer 2023

Great success for Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) in the competition for Germany’s most prestigious research award: The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded one of this year’s six Alexander von Humboldt Professorships to Prof. Dr. Robert Raußendorf. From summer 2023, he will teach and conduct research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of LUH. The internationally recognised expert in theoretical physics specialises in quantum information theory and currently works at the University of British Columbia, Canada. 

Alexander von Humboldt Professorships are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The Humboldt Professorship aims to attract leading researchers from all disciplines currently working abroad as well as to increase the appeal of Germany as a science location. In order to enable the selected professors to continue their research in Germany, the professorship includes several millions of funding. Researchers working in theoretical disciplines like Prof. Dr. Robert Raußendorf receive 3.5 million euros of funding over a period of five years. Researchers in experimental disciplines can receive a maximum of five million euros of funding.

“I look forward to joining the existing and internationally renowned group of researchers in the field of quantum information theory at LUH led by Prof. Dr. Reinhard F. Werner and Prof. Dr. Tobias J. Osborne. Moreover, I am particularly interested in exchange with local researchers conducting experiments in quantum computing with ions and I hope that I will be able to contribute to quantum error correction experiments in these systems”, says Prof. Dr. Robert Raußendorf.

“We are delighted that Robert Raußendorf, an exceptional and internationally recognised researcher in the field of quantum information theory, will join us within the scope of the first Alexander von Humboldt Professorship at Leibniz University Hannover. “This is vital for our research in quantum technology”, says Prof. Dr. Volker Epping, President of Leibniz University Hannover. “On the one hand, professor Raußendorf will help us to lead our Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers into the second funding period and, on the other hand, to advance the major topic of quantum computing. Our goal in the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony project is to develop the first functioning quantum computer – and professor Raußendorf will play a crucial role in achieving this objective."

Born in 1973, Robert Raußendorf has made a number of spectacular contributions to quantum computing and fundamental quantum theory. He was involved in the discovery of measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC), one of the most remarkable and influential ideas in quantum information science, which has initiated a paradigm shift in the development of quantum information science technologies. Prof. Raußendorf’s expertise in quantum computing, quantum error correction, fault tolerance and fundamental physics will contribute greatly to LUH's activities in Germany’s effort to build the world's first commercially relevant quantum computer based on trapped ions, the project Quantum Valley Lower Saxony. 

“In anticipation of the coming quantum information age, quantum technology is experiencing an unprecedented era of growth. A major challenge at this time is to attract talent that can ensure LUH's success in realising the quantum age. Prof. Dr. Raußendorf is one of very few experts in the field of quantum information technology worldwide", explains Prof. Dr. Tobias J. Osborne from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at LUH who nominated professor Raußendorf. The research award is granted based on nominations submitted by universities.

Robert Raußendorf completed his doctorate at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and subsequently worked at various universities in the United States and Canada. He has an impressive publication list in the field of quantum information technology and quantum error correction and is the author of a patent in the field of fault tolerance and ion trap quantum architectures.

The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship is intended to enable award winners – researchers from abroad holding a leading position worldwide in their field – to successfully continue their work in Germany and thus make a lasting contribution to Germany's international competitiveness as a research location. Funding is provided for a period of five years, which can be extended by up to two years. A total of six Alexander von Humboldt Professorships will be awarded in the current approval process. Subject to the acceptance of the award winners, the professorships will be commenced in 2023.

Further information and current video statements on Alexander von Humboldt Professorships at Leibniz University Hannover can be found here: https://www.uni-hannover.de/de/universitaet/aktuelles/avh-professur.


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