Report on the case of Helmut Kentler

Investigation by Dr. Teresa Nentwig into the work and effects of the controversial researcher on behalf of Leibniz University Hannover

In 2018, the university management of Leibniz University Hannover commissioned Dr. Teresa Nentwig (University of Göttingen) to investigate the work and effects of the psychologist Helmut Kentler, previously a professor of social pedagogy at the former Technische Universität Hannover. The investigation sought to review Kentler''s work at the university as well as to assess the role of those surrounding his research in greater detail. Dr. Nentwig presented her findings in the discourse "Between lectures, reviews and media appearances: Helmut Kentler''s works at the former University of Hannover (1976-1996)". The report (in German language) is available for download at

Kentler, now deceased, was a professor at the former University of Hannover until 1996. His statements and research conduct are inexcusable and utterly unacceptable. Dr. Nentwig previously addressed the matter within the scope of a project titled "The sex researcher''s role in the discourse on paedophilia - Helmut Kentler for instance".

Kentler is particularly criticised for his trivialisation of paedophilia. Prior to his position at the former University of Hannover, he was involved in an experiment in which Berlin foster children were put into the care of men known to be paedophiles. Leibniz University Hannover has explicitly stated that it clearly disassociates itself from Helmut Kentler. Prof. Dr. Volker Epping, President of Leibniz University Hannover commented: "Leibniz University Hannover clearly stated its position in 2018, condemning Kentler''s unacceptable work that trivialised paedophilia. It is shocking that in those days executive and judicial authorities allowed themselves to be convinced by the report commissioned by Berlin''s Senate, facilitating foster care in the homes of paedophiles. We take this opportunity to, once again, completely disassociate ourselves from his violation of good scientific practice. We have taken the necessary steps to assist in reviewing this case - also through commissioning the report by Dr. Nentwig."