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Generous funding for interdisciplinary programme Leibniz AI Academy

Generous funding for interdisciplinary programme Leibniz AI Academy

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German federal and state governments support project of Leibniz University Hannover in the context of an initiative focusing on artificial intelligence in higher education

Within the scope of a new interdisciplinary micro degree programme, students of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) will be enabled to acquire skills in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The project Leibniz AI Academy is in receipt of funding from the German federal and state governments provided via the initiative "Künstliche Intelligenz in der Hochschulbildung" (artificial intelligence in higher education). The initiative aims to strengthen and establish the key technology artificial intelligence in higher education. Prospectively from December 2021, 40 individual projects and 14 collaborative projects will receive funding over a maximum period of four years. Individual projects, such as the Leibniz AI Academy of LUH, receive up to two million euros of funding.

The funding initiative promotes measures qualifying tomorrow''s academic personnel, e.g. developing degree programmes or individual modules in the field of AI, as well as designing AI-based learning and assessment environments. The Leibniz AI Academy based in the L3S Research Centre of Leibniz University Hannover is a micro degree programme where students from different degree programmes acquire AI skills. Moreover, the courses will be available as further education opportunities for interested parties from organisations or the industry - with a flexible hybrid teaching concept consisting of on-campus and online learning.

The interdisciplinary concept includes AI skills in computer science as well as in various other disciplines available at LUH, such as mechanical engineering, geosciences, mathematics or STEM subjects in teacher training courses. The goal is to identify possible applications for disciplines and businesses, as well as to develop forecasts and predictive models while reflecting prospects and limits.

The project in led by a team consisting of Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, Prof. Dr. Johannes Krugel and Prof. Dr. Marius Lindauer from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak from the Faculty of Humanities.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl, head of L3S and dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, emphasises the innovative and interfaculty component of the programme. "Within the framework of the Leibniz AI Academy, we will bring together our comprehensive expertise in artificial intelligence and the broad spectrum of subjects taught at Leibniz University Hannover, therefore providing students in different degree programmes with innovative and customised learning opportunities."

Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, one of the project managers, is delighted about the funding: "The Leibniz AI Academy enables us to implement an innovative hybrid concept, which includes both on-campus and online teaching elements based on a modern learning concept. In addition, we will evaluate how courses may be incorporated in vocational training."


Note to editors

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, L3S Research Centre (Tel. +49 511 762 19651, Email ewerth@l3s.de).