Good Reasons to Come to Hannover!

University and Industry!

Leibniz University Hannover enjoys an excellent reputation around the world for its science and technology areas in particular. It is also a member of the TU9, the top nine universities of technology in  Germany. Additionally, Hannover is home to several international companies including Continental and Volkswagen. Furthermore, Hannover is an expo city and hosts the two largest trade fairs of their kind in the world: the Hannover Industry Expo and CEBIT.  All of this is a result of the collaboration between research and industry.

The Greenest City!

In 2011, Hannover was voted the greenest big city in Germany. Numerous parks are spread throughout the city. The Eilenriede, one of the biggest city-forests in Europe, is ideal for a jog or a casual walk. For those seeking more recreational activities in Hannover, the Maschsee, a man-made lake in the city centre, or the famous Herrenhäuser baroque garden are great places to visit.

Well connected and safe!

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. This level of safety extends to visitors to Hannover. Besides a safe environment, there are several aspects of Hannover which make it a comfortable city to live in.

What is more, Hannover is the “city of short distances.” A wide range of public transport systems including several bus routes and 11 underground railway connections are available. All of these can be used by students with the semester ticket, which allows unlimited usage of these services. Furthermore, Hannover boasts an excellent bicycle-path network which is over 500 km long and runs throughout the whole city.

Centrally located!

Hannover is the capital of the Federal State of Lower Saxony and lies at the heart of Germany. All the important transport routes, from north to south, from east to west, road or rail, go through Hannover. A trip to Berlin, for example, takes about 1.5 hours by  train. If a trade city is more appealing to you, Hamburg is only a two-hour train ride away! In addition, the city is connected with the world thanks to Hannover's small international airport.

We speak German!

Unlike the case in many other regions of Germany, Hannoveraners speak German as it is written. Because of this, the German spoken by the people in the city and the area around Hannover is considered the purest form of German. “Hochdeutsch” or "high German" has  little to no dialect.