Winners of the photo competition 2020


1st place: "Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot " (Lennart Becker)

2nd Place: "Ein Blick Durchs Bullauge" (Friederike Seyderhelm)

3rd Platz: "Die Magie des Morgens.“ (Jan Spitzer)

4th Place:"Fight for Freedom" (Simon Jaspers)

5th Place: "A note of resignation or a promise to return?" (Swati Kulashri)


6th Place: "Stunning Sunsets" (Hendrik Groppe)

7th Place: "Rainbow Road" (Victoria Louise Lombardelli)

 8th Place: "Abendessen auf 1000m Höhe" (Sarah Hartmann)

9th Place: "Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm" (Melanie Treder)

10th Place: "Home is no place" (Malin Baumgart)

11th Place: "Bamboo Raft" (Pei Man Yip)

 12th Place: "Camping on the great wall" Tobias Onkes