With the project LUH4Ukraine we want to support the academic success of ukrainian students at LUH on the one hand and consolidate and improve our cooperation with ukrainian universities on the other hand. The award of the scholarship take place within the framework of the DAAD funding line "Future Ukraine - Scholarship Program for Refugees from Ukraine at German Universities".


Who can apply for the scholarship?

This scholarship is open for students and doctoral candidates, who

  • are enrolled at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • lived in the Ukraine until the 24th of February 2022 and/or study in Germany since the winter semester 2021/22 as an exchange students, couldn't go back to Ukraine due to the war and are now pursing his academic qualification in Germany.
  • have a residence permit §24.

Funding amount and funding period

The monthly amount of the scholarship is:

  • for bachelor- and master students =  931 €
  • for doctoral candidates = 1.200  €

The scholarship is awared for 12 months. A prolongation until the end of the project running time is possible.

Expected begin of the scholarship: 01.11.2023

End of funding period: 31.12.2024

Selection criteria and procedure

A commission of staff members from the International Office and the office of the dean of studies will discuss the application.

Beside academic qualification, the following criteria are important:

  • academic progress and probability to complete the studies successfully in the indicated time
  • social needs
  • support of women in STEM subjects

Application deadline: 03.10.2023


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Dipl.-Biol. Franziska Arens
Programme Coordinator
Appelstraße 11/11a
30167 Hannover
Appelstraße 11/11a
30167 Hannover