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The modern Leibnizhaus allows the Universities, Academies and Colleges in Hannover to accommodate visiting scientists and their families in pleasant and multicultural surroundings.

Scientists can apply either through University or College institutes (LUH, MHH, TiHo, HMTMH, FHH) or through the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. International visitors will be given priority.

Leibnizhaus offers 28 one- to four-room apartments and two shared apartments in three buildings on Holzmarkt 4-6. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped with bedsheets and linen, towels, cooking utensils, pottery, cuttlery etc. The 28 apartments include bathrooms (with a shower, no tub) and a kitchen or kitchenette. Washers and driers can be used free of charge. They are situated in the basement of the guesthouse. We have storage room for bycicles in the basement as well as a bikestand in the courtyard. Our caretakers look after the inventory and replace or repair items in case of need. A wireless internet connection and land line telephone is available in all apartments. There are no TV-sets or radios in the apartments, but aerial sockets allow for the connection of one. Laundry, cleaning and renovation will have to be paid by the end of a guest's stay. We do not offer maintenance cleaning.

We do accept guests who only search accomodation for a short period of time in exceptional cases. These accomodations cannot be promised far ahead of time, since the guest house is originally intended for longer stays, reaching from 6 months to 12  months.


In the following, you will receive information concerning the kinds of apartments available in Leibnizhaus. The pictures serve an explanatory function because few of our apartments are identical.

Please note that the number of rooms given is always in addition to a kitchen or kitchenette, a bathroom, and possibly a hallway. A two-room apartment, for example, would describe a living room, one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small hallway. The description in square meters (except concerning rooms in shared apartments) always covers the entire apartment inclduing kitchen, bath, and hallway.

Shared Apartment A 1

  • The shared apartment A 1 includes five rooms between 23 and 26 sqm.
  • They are equipped for one or two guests and include their own bathrooms.
  • A shared kitchen can be used by the residents of all five rooms.
  • A 1 can be reached by elevator.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
2-Room-Apartment on Holzmarkt 6
280,00 € - 330,00 €


Shared Apartment A 4.1

  • This apartment offers three rooms between 11 and 14 sqm.
  • Each room is equipped for one person.
  • The guests will share a kitchen and a bathroom with a tub.
  • The rooms of A 4.1 can be reached by elevator.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
Room with a view on Holzmarkt
250,00 € - 280,00 €


1-Room Apartments

  • Leibnizhaus offers seven one-room apartments between 30 and 51 sqm of size, some of which are equipped for one, some for two guests.
  • The apartments include a kitchen or kitchenette and a bathroom.
  • All of these apartments can be reached by elevator.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
layout of a 2-room-apartment
400,00 € - 835,00 €


2-Room Apartment

  • The 12 two-room apartments are sized between 40 and 70 sqm.
  • They are equipped for two guests.
  • Each apartment includes a kitchen or a kitchenette and a bathroom.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
Living room of a 3-room apartment
510,00 € - 780,00 €


3-Room Apartments

  • Leibnizhaus offers five 3-room apartments between 59 and 80 sqm of size.
  • Some of these are equipped for two guests, others for up to four.
  • These apartments each include a kitchen and a bathroom.
  • These accomodations are especially suitable for families.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
Kitchen of a two-room apartment
650,00 € - 890,00 €


4-Room Apartment

  • The largest apartments at Leibnizhaus offer four rooms.
  • Our three 4-room apartments are between 69 and 93 sqm large.
  • All of them are equipped for four persons.
  • The apartments include a kitchen and a bathroom and are especially suitable for families.
Picture: Picture: Picture:
Insight into a one-room apartment
775,00 € - 1030,00 €



Most of our 2-4-room apartments can be reached by elevator.

frequently asked questions

For further information about the apartments, please call or contact the Leibnizhaus office by e-mail:


Holzmarkt 4 - 6
30159 Hannover
Holzmarkt 4 - 6
30159 Hannover
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