FAQs Concerning Apartments

  • 1. Who can live in the guesthouse of the Universities and Colleges of Hannover?

    A basic condition for living at Leibnizhaus is contacting us via a University or College Institute in Hannover (LUH, MHH, TiHo, HMTH, FHH) or the Alexander-von Humboldt Foundation. International visitors will be given priority.   

  • 2. What is the exact adress of my future apartment?

    Number of the apartment
    Holzmarkt 4-6
    30159 Hannover

  • 3. Can I receive mail or packages before my arrival?

    The postman usually delivers the mail directly to the residents themselves.
    After prior agreement with the management office, it is possible to ship packages beforehand. Please contact the management office if you plan to do so (contact).  

  • 4. Are there land-line telephones in the apartments?

    Yes, there is a telephone in each apartment. Your connection will already be hooked up by the time of your arrival, so that you can call and receive calls from the University right away. We charge a monthly fee of € 12,00 plus VAT. Additionally, we will charge for any call outside of the University or governmental phone system.   

  • 5. Is there a connection to the internet in my apartment?

    Yes, the University wireless system is accessable from all of our apartments. This service is included in the rental fee.   

  • 6. Does the guest house have parking lots?

    No, unfortunately, we cannot offer parking to Leibnizhaus residents. You can however issue an identification badge for free parking in the area after registering with the citizen centre. This will cost about € 45,00 a year.  

  • 7. How are the apartments equipped?

    All apartments include a kitchen or kitchenette and a bathroom. The shared apartments have a kitchen and a bathroom to share. For further information see guesthouse.
    The kitchens include a fridge, hotplates (in the studio- or two-room apartments) or a stove (3-room apartments), coffeemakers and crockery and cuttlery. There are bedsheets, linnen and towels as well. Each apartment has an aerial socket so that residents can hook up a TV-set. If you wish to do so, please register with the GEZ (central agency to pay for TV).   

  • 8. Are the apartments equipped for children?

    The guesthouse offers beds for babys and toddlers, a baby bathtub and a high chair. There is room for bicycles and strollers in the basement.    

  • 9. Are there washing machines at the guest house?

    Yes, the house has a launderette with washers and driers which residents can use free of charge. There are irons and ironing boards in the apartments.    

  • 10. Does the guesthouse have storage room for bicycles?

    Yes, there is a room for strollers and bicycles in the basement. Additionally, there is a bike stand in the courtyard.    

  • 11. Can I smoke at Leibnizhaus?

    Generally, smoking is not prohibited in the apartments. There is, however, a fire alarm system in the house which might be triggered by cigarette smoke.    

  • 12. Are supplementary costs and taxes included in the rent?

    The monthly rent includes heating, water and a fee for electricity. The latter will be balanced against your actual consumption by the end of your stay. Tax (7% VAT if your stay does not exceed 6 months) is not included.    

  • 13. How do I pay my rent?

    The rent can either be paid as a bank transfer or in cash during the opening hours at the management office. Please note that we do NOT accept credit cards.

    The rent can either be paid as a bank transfer or in cash during the opening hours at the management office. Please note that we do NOT accept credit cards.    

  • 14. Which additional costs will I have to take into account?

    By the end of your stay, the management office will issue a final account including the costs of a final cleaning, a renovation fee and for the cleaning of laundry. These costs vary according to the size of the apartment. If necessary, we might issue additional use of electricity (if the use exceeds the monthly payment) and costs for missing or faulty inventory. If your stay is shorter than 6 months, we have to issue 7% value added tax.    

  • 15. Do I have to pay a deposit?

    If your stay exceeds a period of six months, you will have to pay a deposit. The deposit of about one month's rent can be paid in three seperate installments. By the end of your stay, the deposit will be paid back according to the condition of the apartment or offset against the final account of your apartment.    

  • 16. How much time in advance should I book my apartment?

    We advise to book about about 6-9 months before your arrival, if possible. Currently, the demand of apartments exceeds our capacities by far. Short-term requests are always possible and sometimes succesful.   

  • 17. Does Leibnizhaus provide breakfast and other meals?

    Breakfast and other meals are not provided on the premises. All apartments have cooking facilities, so that the residents can cater for themselves. Meals are available in the restaurants and hotels of the neighbourhood as well as in Markthalle where international food is available at numerous market stalls.    

  • 18. Does Leibnizhaus charge cancellation fees?

    We kindly ask guests or their host institutes to cancel reservations at least 7 days before the booking period begins. If guests do not arrive without cancelling their booking, a cancellation fee of one monthly rent for the respective apartment is charged.    


Holzmarkt 4 - 6
30159 Hannover
Holzmarkt 4 - 6
30159 Hannover