Online Exam Registration (QIS)

Offered online services for students in QIS

  • registration and de-registration of exams
  • printout of a current transcript of marks (“Notenspiegel”)
  • overview of completed exams and exam registrations
  • printout  of a current enrolment confirmation

Information on exam registration

Unlike other online services, the exam registration feature is only available within the registration period specified by the examination board of your degree programme.

Within the registration period, you can only register for exams that will take place in the current semester or examination period.

Generally, there is no need to complete an additional registration form after online registration. However, in some cases, you may be required to register separately. Please check the website of your degree programme for specific instructions.

In some degree programmes, students may be required to submit a general application in printed form for admission to study or for admission to examinations at the beginning of their studies or at a certain phase of their studies (e.g. professional studies, complementary studies). Applications can be found in the “forms” section on the website of your degree programme. In order to use the online registration service, students enrolled in some degree programmes must complete the abovementioned form first.

Please be sure to check if your applications have been processed. A list of exam registrations can be found under “Info über angemeldete Prüfungen”, which may be printed for documentation purposes.

Please note that exam registrations received after the specified deadline cannot be processed!

You can find detailed information and special regulations regarding the examination procedure on the respective website of your study programme.

Have you had problems with exam registration?

If you encounter any problems with examination registration, please contact the Examination Office immediately.

Exam deregistration

As the rules for deregistering examinations and / or study achievements vary depending on the study programme and version of the examination regulations, please either contact the person responsible for your study programme at the examination office or see the respective website of  your study programme (“Examination registration and withdrawal").


To register in the online portal, please use the access data for your identity management. This information was send to you in the cover letter of your student ID card (“LeibnizCard”) before the start of the first semester.

Before you can use the access data for your online registration, you must first register at in order to access the IT services. Please check or update your email address in this step and change your default password to a personal password!

If you have problems with your password or your login, please report it to the Infothek in the ServiceCenter and please bring your LeibnizCard and an accessible photo ID for identification.

Security advice

Please note the following instructions on security, especially if you are using a public computer:

Do not save your login credentials in the browser (e.g. “auto-complete”, “save password”).

In order to prevent other users from retrieving page content, you should terminate the session by clicking on the “quit” or “logout” button, clear the cache of your web browser, and close the browser window. For instructions on how to clear the cache, please consult the help menu of your web browser. If you are using a computer in the CIP-POOL, please also remember to log out of your user account.