Application for Admission to the Master’s Thesis


Before applying to commence your thesis, please read all of the following steps carefully.


Please note!

To apply for admission to the master's thesis, you need 60 CP in the other modules that have been completed and recorded. The number of pages of the thesis is 60-70 pages. The processing time is five months. Further details can be found in § 7 and 8 of the examination regulations.

If you intend to write an interdisciplinary thesis, or if a review by an external examiner is necessary for other reasons, a written approval must be obtained from the respective Examination Board BEFORE applying to commence your thesis. The application for admission to the master’s thesis must be accompanied by the written approval.

  • 1. Applying for admission to the master’s thesis

    1.1 Please complete page 1 of the application.

    1.2  Please print the form and submit it to the relevant clerk at the  Examination Office.

    1.3 To ensure that your personal data (all (!) first names, surname, date and place of birth) is correct in the final degree documentation, the Examination Office will check this data when reviewing your application for admission to the thesis. Please send us a copy of your passport for identification.

  • 2. Assignment of the topic

    2.1 After the Examination Office has determined eligibility to commence the thesis, page 3 of the application form, which will be issued by the Examination Office, must be provided to the first examiner of the thesis who will then assign the topic. Please note that the form must also be signed by the second examiner.

    2.2 After the thesis topic has been assigned, the original form must submitted promptly to the Examination Office. If on the form the title of the thesis contains italics, special characters, etc. or is difficult to read, please also send an email with the German and English title to the relevant clerk at the Examination Office. The submission deadline will be determined by the Examination Office and is available for students via the online service.

  • 3. Declaration of originality

    Please note, that when submitting the master’s thesis, it must be declared in writing that

    a)       the work was completed independently,

    b)       no sources or means other than those indicated were used,

    c)        all passages of the work that make reference to other sources, whether through direct quotation or paraphrasing, have been indicated accordingly, and

    d)       the paper has not previously been submitted to an examining authority in the same or a similar form.

    This declaration must be part of both bound copies of the thesis.

  • 4. Number of copies and where to submit your thesis

    The first and the second examiner should each receive a bound copy and an electronic version of the thesis. Submission will be confirmed by the receiving member of staff using the form “Confirmation of Thesis Submission”. This form must be promptly submitted to the Examination Office.

    Exception: Students of the bachelor's degree programme Social Sciences and the master's degree programme Sociology must submit two bound copies of their thesis to the Examination Office. Both copies will be date-stamped by the Examination Office. The student must then submit the copies to the examiners.