Counselling and Support

Benefit individually from others’ experience

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In-person discussions make it possible to quickly clarify individual questions, exchange experiences and share innovative ideas. With our numerous offers for counselling, support and (peer) feedback, we support you directly – always in a way tailored to your individual situation and the requirements of your course.

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Counselling and Service

New ideas, methods and digital tools: We will work with you to develop a suitable concept to suit your needs and the objectives of the course. Take advantage of our experience and support to further develop your teaching.

Competence Orientation

This type of consultation invites reflection and focuses on the extent to which the forms of teaching practised and the learning requirements fit with the development of competencies in the degree programme. It examines what your experience with arrangements for activity-based learning has been and what options exist for further developing your own teaching.

Digital Tools and Methods

From interactive teaching materials to practising with quizzes and promoting collaboration between students, the possibilities for using digital media beneficially in teaching are many and varied. We work with you to develop customised concepts for digitally supported teaching – from the use of new tools and methods to the digitalisation of an entire course.

Key Competencies

Key competencies such as learning strategies or time and project management play an important role in teaching. They promote the ability to study and thus also the motivation and personal responsibility of students. Your course benefits directly from this. We work with you to identify needs and make customised suggestions for teaching.

Collegial Support

Successful together: You can also rely on the support and feedback of your teaching colleagues and the teaching support services when organising your course. Find the right format for you here.

Support from peers


Mentoring involves an experienced person (mentor) advising a less experienced person (mentee) on a one-to-one basis over a longer period of time. We will be happy to find you a suitable mentor from our pool of teachers.

Peer Teaching Observation

On the one hand, peer teaching shadowing gives you an insight into another teacher's course and on the other hand, you receive valuable feedback from the teacher who is attending your course. We will be happy to get you in touch with colleagues for a mutual teaching observation.

Support from service facilities

Teaching Visits

As part of a teaching visit, a person from academic teaching observes your course and gives you appreciative feedback. A teaching visit is not very time-consuming and can be requested at short notice.


Coaching offers the opportunity to reflect intensively on your teaching situations with an expert, tailored to your individual needs, and to develop new ways of acting. We will be happy to organise a suitable coaching expert for you.


With co-teaching, we run courses together with you and promote key competencies such as project management, collaboration and cooperation (teamwork), learning and working techniques, presentation and moderation and much more. We develop the concept together according to your requirements.

Workshops and Training Courses

To promote key competencies, we organise workshops and training courses to accompany your course, which we design together with you to suit your needs. This can include training courses to prepare tutors as well as workshops on project management, collaboration and cooperation, learning and working techniques and much more.

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

In the TAP process, you receive feedback from students on your course during the semester. You will be accompanied and guided by the academic teaching team. The feedback is followed by a consultation, on the basis of which you can optimise your course.

Forum: Lehre

Forum on Stud.IP – events, current information and materials on relevant topics in teaching

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