Production and Logistics
(Bachelor of Science)


Course type
Undergraduate studies (1 Subject bachelor)
Standard Course Duration
6 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester, Summer semester
Language of Instruction
Language Requirements

German HZB: none
International application: German C1
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Special Requirements

Pre-internship (recommended)

Unrestricted admission

Stay abroad possible, but not obligatory.

Short Description

This degree programme was closed, which means that an application for the first semester is no longer possible.

In view of the fact that production processes have to be planned and controlled, this degree programme revolves around the entire value chain, from production and distribution to the transport of goods and products. Lectures cover the foundations of mathematics, science, economics and engineering, with courses geared towards production technology, automation, logistics and operational management. The programme also includes laboratory work, tutorials, practice-oriented field trips and the option of completing practical training.

Course Content

  • Production technology
  • Logistics and supply chain management
Course Structure

A special feature at the start of the programme is the practice-oriented Bachelor’s project. Working as part of a group, students tackle contemporary research and practical issues within the department’s institutes. Students can choose from a total of 13 projects offered across the two areas of specialisation “Production Technology” and “Technical Logistics and Supply Chain Management”. The project enables students to gain practical experience and develop task-oriented approaches. In addition, the area of specialisation is mainly composed of technical content during the first four semesters. The curriculum includes subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. From the third semester onwards, students have the opportunity to select specialisation modules, taking courses in the areas of operational management, business management and production technology. The fundamental modules of the degree programme include advanced business disciplines. The engineering degree programme is complemented by laboratory practicals and a specialised tutorial. Students have the option to undertake practical training. The sixth semester is set aside for the Bachelor’s thesis, which concludes the programme.

Recommended Abilities

It is essential that students are good at figures, since mathematical problems feature strongly in undergraduate studies. An understanding of physics, engineering and, to some extent, chemistry is also advantageous. Students should also been keen to improve production processes. In addition, they should be able to think economically and realistically, and to get to the bottom of relationships in economics.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Production and Logistics are able to work as engineers in companies that specialise in production and logistics processes. Examples of their tasks include planning and implementing the manufacturing process of goods and ensuring the optimal deployment of production facilities. Graduates find employment in business management, quality control, production, materials management and logistics.

Possible Further Degree Programmes

Under certain conditions, admission to the following Master's programmes is also possible. More detailed information can be found in the respective admission regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the course advice of the desired Master's programme:

Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

This degree programme is admission-free.
If you did not graduate from a German school nor have a German higher education entrance qualification (for example, the Abitur), a language certificate proving your knowledge of German is required for the application and enrollment.

Application Deadlines

This degree programme was closed, which means that an application for the first semester is no longer possible.

Production and Logistics (B.Sc.) - Lena talks about her studies

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Zentrale Studienberatung
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