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Erstattungsanspruch für das 9-Euro-Ticket

Refund claims for the 9 euro ticket

Since the semester fees will be offset against the €9 ticket, which was available for three months, students are eligible to claim reimbursement amounting to €85.70 for summer semester 2022. Reimbursement requests may be submitted to the Admissions Office starting today, via a simple online form.

You can send the application for this to the matriculation office with a mouse click.

Simply log into the following portal with your IdM data:

If you need help using the portal, we have summarized all the important information.

You are welcome to watch the video beforehand or during the process, in which we explain the application process to you in pictures. You can also find answers to your questions in our FAQs. Please also note the help texts offered in the portal, which you can find under the question mark icon.

If you have any further questions, you will also find our contact details there.

Best regards from the Admissions Office