Semester Fee & Reregistration

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Reregistration means that you affirm, by transferring the semester fee, your wish to remain registered for the next semester. As soon as the university has received your semester fee, your registration will be extended automatically for the next semester.

The reregistration deadline for the winter semester 2024/2025 is

13th July 2024

Information about reregistration

Transfer amount

The semester fee of €428.75 for winter semester 2024/2025 is made up of the following components:

  • €115.00 for the Studentenwerk
  • €217.64 for the SemesterCard (semester ticket GVH+ semester ticket for the entire federal state)
  • €15.80 for the student body
  • €1.11 for bike workshops
  • €75.00 contribution towards administrative costs
  • €2.00 for the Kulturticket
  • €2.20 for the semester ticket default fund

Additional costs relating to the semester fee

If one of the following points applies to you, please pay the relevant fee stated below:

  • Students who are required to pay tuition fees for long-term study: €428.75 + €500 = 928.75
  • Students on leave studying abroad: €17.80
  • Students on leave for other reasons: €132.80
  • Senior citizens: €428.75 + €800 = 1228.75
  • Students taking a course leading to a certificate:
    • If you are additionally enrolled on a Master’s Teacher Training Course: €428.75 + €50 = 478.75
    • If you are only enrolled on a programme leading to a certificate: €250
Semester fees of the previous semesters
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Bank details

Leibniz Universität Hannover,  Nord LB Hannover
IBAN:  DE51 2505 0000 0151 8129 06


If your registration number has seven digits: 24200registration number7

If your registration number has eight digits: 2420registration number7

If you are an applicant and paying your semester fee for the first time, please use the reference stated in the admission letter.

How do I re-register?

Please use the campus management portal to make the re-registration. This is a quick and straightforward way for you to check your individual transfer amount and your personal reference.

Please use your IdM credentials (QIS access details) for login. You can check the amount of your semester fees by clicking the tab "My Account Balance”.

Please transfer the semester fees in full, stating your personal reference, to the specified bank account of LUH. Please note that it may take up to a week after your transfer for the amount to appear as "Cleared" under the tab "My Account Balance".

If you do not remember your IdM credentials (QIS access details), you can reset your password at the ServiceCenter information desk.

Deutschlandticket (49€‑ticket)

The Greater Hannover Transport Authority (GVH) offers students an upgrade to the Deutschlandticket (49€ ticket). The "Deutschlandticket GVH Semesterticket Upgrade" costs €17.36 per month. For this (upgrade) price, the student will accordingly receive a Deutschlandticket valid throughout Germany. The price is made up of the difference between a Deutschlandticket (49 euros) and the current monthly prices of the GVH Semestertickets already subscribed to (23 euros) and Lower Saxony-wide Semestertickets (9.33 euros).

Those who decide to upgrade to the Deutschlandticket can thus take out a corresponding individual subscription with the GVH at a price of 17.36 euros per month. The ticket will initially only be available to order on on the "My Subscription Portal". The digital ticket will be issued in the "My GVH App". The "Deutschlandticket GVH Semesterticket Upgrade" is only offered to students who have a currently valid GVH Semesterticket.

The GVH needs some time to process the order. Therefore, the "Deutschlandticket GVH Semesterticket-Upgrade" must be ordered by the 20th of the previous month.

Unlike the regional semester ticket in the solidarity model, however, there will be no obligation for students to use this upgrade, as it will be an optional offer.

The GVH also provides news about the Deutschlandticket in general on the GVH homepage.

More information about reregistration

  • Validiting your LeibnizCard after reregistration

    Please note that you will keep your LeibnizCard for the entire duration of your studies at Leibniz Universität Hannover! Once you have reregistered successfully, an email will be sent to you stating that you can now validate your LeibnizCard, i.e. extend its validity for the coming semester, at one of the validation stations provided.

    More information about LeibnizCards

  • Reregistration for transition from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s programme

    If you are currently a student on a Bachelor’s programme at Leibniz Universität Hannover and have applied for a place on a Master’s programme at LUH, please reregister within the reregistration period after applying by transferring the fees for the coming semester for the Bachelor’s programme.

    If your application for a place is successful, you will receive admission to the Master’s programme, and will be transferred accordingly once you have accepted the place offered to you. If you do not receive admission to your chosen Master’s programme, but have already completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, any fees paid will be refunded on request.

  • Must I pay the full semester fee even if I am on leave?

    If you have reasonable grounds for going on leave, you must submit a request within the reregistration period. If your request is granted, you will not have to pay part of the semester fee.

    More information about going on leave

  • Semester fee refunds

    Withdrawal of registration

    If you embark on your first degree programme at Leibniz Universität Hannover, you may withdraw your registration before semester starts or within a month of lectures commencing.

    Removal from the register

    If you ask to be removed from the register before semester begins or within a month of lectures commencing, you are entitled to a full refund of the semester fee.

    Request for a semester fee refund

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Questions about reregistration or the semester fee?
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Questions about reregistration or the semester fee?
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