NEW: Online-Events and Leisure Time Activities

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 we are forced to cancel or postpone our events which were planned for this semester. But, in order to give you the opportunity to exchange stories and ideas with fellow students and to provide space for discussions and debates about various themes, we want to sincerely invite you to participate in our online event programme. Also, we would like to alleviate the difficult situation of social distancing by giving you recommendations for leisure activities you can do at home alone. In case you have any questions regarding our programme please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Every second day we will share book, game or movie recommendation with you via Instagram and in our Stud.IP group.

  • Mondays:  Book recommendation
  • Wednesdays: Music or Game recommendation
  • Fridays: Film recommendation
  • Sundays: Cooking recipes to try at home
  • Minimum twice the week, we will offer a virtual Live-Event (cooking, sports, Quiz...) and keep you updated via Facebook, Instagram and the newly established Stud.IP group.
  • Stud.IP:   "International Events - LUH" (the easiest way to find it: After the log-in, search "international Events LUH" and join the events).
  • Instagram: internationalofficeluh