Section (SG) 21

Personnel matters pertaining to civil servants, lecturer positions, supplementary areas under the salary law for civil servants, and administration of positions and position funding

Section 21 provides services in the areas of personnel administration, position administration, and supplementary areas under the salary law for civil servants.

The tasks in the area of personnel administration consist largely of the management and administration of hiring processes and the processing of individual questions and requests from university departments and employees.

This includes the comprehensive handling of personnel matters related to all professors (including those with employee as opposed to civil servant status) and all civil servants, lecturing staff, visiting lecturers and the administrators of professorial positions. The section is also responsible for all matters related to employees’ secondary employment and property damage.

The tasks related to the administration of positions include the DV-supported management of all positions. As part of this work, all details relevant to each position (position content, position level, budget memos regarding position administration, etc.) as well as current information about the position (current holder, position funding) are maintained.

University departments and units carry out job postings independently. However, before a job is posted an approval process is required to ensure that the conditions for a new hire or a replacement hire are met. As part of the approval process, section staff evaluate whether the position can be filled at the time the posting is planned, whether any hiring freezes are in place, etc.

They also process moving costs, separation allowances and advance payments that fall within the supplementary areas of the salary law for civil servants.

All Section 21 employees