Ethics Committee of Leibniz University Hannover and the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

The Central Ethics Committee at Leibniz University Hannover is an independent body which assesses the ethical acceptability of research projects on humans or using human data that are to be conducted at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) or Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH) prior to such projects being carried out. The procedures of the Central Ethics Committee follow the rules of procedure of the Ethics Committee of the German Society for Psychology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie).

At the end of the procedure, the Committee issues a written statement detailing either the ethical acceptability or reservations. The decision is addressed to the applicant(s). Responsibility for carrying out the project lies solely with the head of the research project.

For medical research proposals a further ethics committee must be consulted.

Applications dealing with research on animals cannot be reviewed by the Central Ethics Committee. Applications for animal experiments that fall under the Animal Protection Act (TierSchG) must be approved by the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection an Food Safety (LAVES).

Researchers from Leibniz University Hannover and Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media are entitled to apply for assessment.

  • Foundation of the Central Ethics Committee

    Information on the foundation of a Central Ethics Committee is available in Circular 08/2012 (available to members of the university only)

  • Regulations
  • Members

    The Central Ethics Committee is made up of professors representing the spectrum of subjects at the participating universities. At Leibniz University Hannover the main emphasis is on subjects in the Faculty of Humanities.

    Members are appointed by the Presidential Board for a period of three years. The committee meets as required.

    • Prof. Dr. Eva Baumann (HMTMH, Department of Journalism and Communication Research)
    • Prof. Dr. Holger Blume (Chairman) (LUH, Institute of Microelectronic Systems)
    • Prof. Dr. Alfred Effenberg (LUH, Institute of Sports Science)
    • Prof. Dr. Joachim Grabowski (LUH, Institute of Psychology)
    • Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf (LUH, Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Physics in Civil Engineering)
    • Prof. Dr. Alexander Heisterkamp (LUH, Institute of Quantum Optics)
    • Prof. Dr. Annika Herr (LUH, Institute of Health Economics)
    • Prof. Dr. Heidrun Hoppe-Wewetzer (LUH, Institute of Microeconomics)
    • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hübner (LUH, Institute of Philosophy)
    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Kabelac (LUH, Institute of Thermodynamics)
    • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kremer (LUH, Institute of Natural Science Education)
    • Prof. Dr. André Lee (HMTMH, Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine)
    • Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier (LUH, Institute of Special Education)
    • Dr. Elena Link (HMTMH, Department of Journalism and Communication Research)
    • Prof. Dr. Bernd-Dieter Meier (LUH, Criminological Institute)
    • Prof. Dr. Oliver Plettenburg (LUH, Institute of Organic Chemistry)
    • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Tim Rieniets (LUH, Institute of Urban Design and Planning)
    • Prof. Dr. Kurt Schneider (LUH, Institute of Practical Computer Science)
    • Dr. Eva Schurig (HMTMH, Institute for Music Education Research)
    • Prof. Dr. Matthias Schütt (LUH, Institute of Algebraic Geometry)
    • Prof. Dr. Margrit Seckelmann (LUH, Institute for Legal Informatics)
    • Prof. Dr. Marie Weinhart (LUH, Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry)
  • Instructions for Applying

    Please use the electronic application form so that your application can be processed without delay by the members of the Central Ethics Committee. Information on submitting and reviewing your application can be found in the review information (in German).

    Applications are to be submitted in electronic form via the Central Ethics Committee portal. In addition to the completed application form, a description of the proposal should be attached as a separate document.

    Information on the portal: You must first register as a user. You may then submit your application, consisting of the application form and a description of the proposal. 

    If there are any questions or problems concerning the submission of the application, please contact

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Coordination and Consultation on applications

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